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Total Commander Comments

Not recommended 1 Helpful

Negative Comment by Shojimeguro
about Total Commander Feb 2017

Interface too classic


From childhood

Positive Comment by badboynil
about Total Commander Apr 2016

I remember my father showed me this program. And she did not like me much. But now I can't live without it.



Comment by mayasim
about Total Commander Dec 2015

One of the best Android file manager we have on our website


Windows files swiss knife

Positive Comment by GordonNelson
about Total Commander Oct 2015

This software make me an automatisation freak :D
Such a great product.


A classic

Positive Comment by jackie90
about Total Commander Jun 2015

Love it. Helps becoming a keyboard shortcut master :)


Been using it everyday for the last 15+ years

Positive Comment by calvincalvin
about Total Commander Jun 2015

Could not live without it


My experience 1 Helpful

Comment by xxavx
about Total Commander Mar 2015

Are you a grandmother that only uses her computer to open pictures and send e-mails? If so, forget about this program. But if you are an average internet user chances are you'll find this program useful in your everyday life. Needless to say, if you are an advanced PC user (e.g. an IT guy, or a researcher) this program will become a MUST. As others have mentioned, I simply cannot live without TotalCommander.

Listing all the features would be poitnless. Instead, think of anything you may need... and find out how TC has a function to accomplish it. A few examples:
- do you need to rename a large batch of files? Open TC, press Control+M
- do you need to copy an entire folder? Open TC, press Control+Plus, F5
- do you need to open a new explorer window? No need, just open a new tab with Control+T
- do you need to peek into a file but you don't wanna open an editor? Control+Q

The only two Cons I can think of are that it's not open source and that it's Shareware (not Freeware).


Directory Opus, anyone? 2 Helpful

Negative Comment by Maeldun
about Total Commander and Directory Opus Feb 2013

Well, I used to think this was the bee's knees, and looked down upon people who still use Win Explorer for their file management needs.

TC is miles away from using the windows default.

But truth is, Directory Opus is pretty much the same number of miles away from TC. Too bad I've gotten so used to using it, because the transition would now be easier.

Look up some tutorials on that to see what you can do with DOpus to see what I'm talking about.


Free commander vs. Double commander vs. Unreal Commander

Comment by User2546661
about Total Commander Sep 2011

Download them and compare. In my opinion, Double commander is the best. (Best TC alternavite :)


post your top Total commander used plugins (add-ons) !!!!!!!!!!

Comment by oliveer
about Total Commander Jul 2011

Hey every one post your top liked (add-ons) Plugins
That you can`t imagine Total commander without it


Post your top Total commander used plugins (add-ons)

Comment by oliveer
about Total Commander Jul 2011

Hi Every one post your best Plugins (add-ons)
you have used with Total commander and you can not imagine total commander without them


I've tried em all, and I always come back to TC! Worth ever ... 1 Helpful

Comment by matijaerceg
about Total Commander Jun 2011

I've tried em all, and I always come back to TC! Worth every penny!


I cant live too without Total Commander or W******* command ...

Comment by mocky
about Total Commander Jun 2011

I cant live too without Total Commander or W* commander
not is free but not limitations
I have purchased the program and never i try another similar

TrungTQ use and use the program, at the end, you will purchase it (sorry for my english)

Another great features:

The community plugins (specially the file plugins)
* I like view isos, msi, etc into the dual pane
(yes, the multi-rename tool and the compare and the synchronize directories are superb)


I can't live without Total Commander (on Win*). My favorite ...

Comment by vargaattila75
about Total Commander Jun 2011

I can't live without Total Commander (on Win*). My favorite features:
* no mouse needed
* superb Multi-rename tool (!)
* Compare files / synchronize directories
* archive handling
* Built-in FTP client
* Tabbed interface
* regular expressions (!)