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Best alternative to windows Explorer I have found

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Under its gorgeous looks, One Commander hides a miriad of useful tools. Column and double pane views, file batch management, file template creation, you name it! Despite some bugs (since it's still in beta) it works great and haven't used anything else at work since I found it back in december 2015. Would definitely recommend.


Love it

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I've been using OneCommander since V1 and i love it.
The interface is well designed and fits in nicely with windows 10, and the features such as tabs, and the finder like display of the folder hirarchy as columns is very ergonomic.
Features are constantly being added, and it is also very usable on a touch display.
Give it a try, you won't be dissappointed!


One of the best file manager, some little bugs being in beta.

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One Commander is surely one of the best and more modern looking file manager. The interface is just great and it has almost all the features you really need for your daily and even professional needs. Being a beta version it has yet some bugs but I am using it since the very first version and the developer is doing a great job improving it day by day. Higly suggested! Try it!

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Good alternative

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OC have tons of good ideas to reinvent an file explorer.
I miss some feature (sort by type, ...) but OC team deliver very often new release.

Hey! Just wanted to let you know, you can sort by file type. the second data column (between the icon and the time since last modification) is the file type; click on the arrows at the top to sort.