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To complicated to set up (or problem with guide)

Negative Comment by karin1
about TeamDrive Sep 2016

I'm looking for a new sync of a couple of macs and found this as a promising service. I started with the personal to see how it worked out with my workflow. I still do not know as I newer passed the set up. The guide was big but I never understand what to put in the boxes, might have missed something when I jumped back and forth between the different OS. I'm pleased there was an uninstaller in the set up. This might be a good service but maybe only for the technical users.


TeamDrive just works - and works extremely well

Positive Comment by rmbjr60
about TeamDrive Mar 2016

Been using TeamDrive for about 6 months. It quickly became my favorite cloud storage/sync tool by a large margin. I have never had a problem with it. I use it from Win 7, Win 10 and Android. Love the file versioning. UI is very, very straightforward (or just use your local device's file manager and/or apps). Integrates extremely well with Windows.

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Perfekte Alternative für sicheren Datenaustausch: verschlüsselt und nicht in USA!

Positive Comment by teach_sharing
about TeamDrive Feb 2016

Verwende das Tool bereits seit Anfang an und habe es noch nie bereut. Perfekt in Dokumentation und vor allem auch für alle möglichen Geräte und Betriebssysteme verwendbar.
Gruß Pauker


TeamDrive - super tool

Comment by grischa81
about TeamDrive Aug 2015

kann das Tool nur empfehlen!
- Sicherheit top!
- Bedienung top!
- Design top!


Only tool I trust critical data

Positive Comment by jochenkocher
about TeamDrive Jul 2015

I know and had a look at many applications for sharing data via the cloud to multiple devices. TeamDrive is easy to use, lightweight, supports a wide range of end points (I use Windows, Android, iPhone) and the only application I can completely trust with critical and confidential data. Way to go!


Best software for encrypted sync of private docs

Positive Comment by yawuuu
about TeamDrive Sep 2013

I use this software on Mac and I'm really impressed. It's very secure and easy to use. There is no alternative software with the same features.


Very good software

Positive Comment by JRMoch
about TeamDrive Sep 2013

I use it on W8, Mac, iPhone & iPad. Perfect sync with big security.


Useful Software

Positive Comment by TFahrt
about TeamDrive Sep 2013

I sync PC and mac without Problems.


Teamdrive rocks!

Positive Comment by code123
about TeamDrive Feb 2012

I tested Teamdrive about 3 months, so I can say: It still works without any problems. I can synchronize my data between my workstations and my notebooks. But one thing I missing: The mobile apps!
Otherwise teamdrive is the best alternative to dropbox, sugarsync etc.. You can hold your datas on your own server - this is the reason why I left dropbox.

5 stars for teamdrive!


Nice tool

Positive Comment by Andres_FFM
about TeamDrive Jan 2012

Having a personal server set up on my NAS box this makes a pretty cool alternative to other file cloud services, where my harddisk is the only limitation. Security on device instead of server is giving me a much better feeling storing private data on it compared to uncrypted solutions. Android app in preparation makes it a real top app!


Up to now: My favourite sync tool

Positive Comment by Connor0308
about TeamDrive Jan 2012

Up to now, I tried several online storage and syncing tools and services (like Wuala, SpiderOak and SugarSync). What I always dislikes was that I had to transfer my data to the internet without exactly knowing where it would finally end. With TeamDrive I now have a possibility to use my very own server, which is the killer feature for me, so: thums up! I evaluated the software and am quite happy with it.


TeamDrive enhances my MobileMe account

Positive Comment by DaveGold
about TeamDrive and MobileMe Sep 2011

With TeamDrive and its WebDAV server support I can share files with different groups via MobileMe. Cool!


It simply works, one of the best programs for syncing data

Positive Comment by tiger74
about TeamDrive Aug 2011

This is one of the best programs for syncing data across multiple pcs and the internet.


Complies with official german data protection regulations

Positive Comment by jwillemsen
about TeamDrive Aug 2011

Teamdrive is a high secure software to use in "open" internet clouds. No hacker or other governments are able to read the stored data, because the encryption key is stored only in the client software. Teamdrive has been qualified by an official german authority for best security and data protection.