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By far better than the rest

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I used BTSync for over a year then finally bought the Resilio Sync Pro. I use it for all my files now, either syncing work, photos or game folders. Once you figure out how to use it properly, it is far superior. I have mine set up to sync my Google Drive, SpiderOak, Dropbox, Box, Sync & ownCloud to once place in one master folder. The syncing/speed is always wicked fast locally & will only seem slow if you have a limited AKA 'cheap' broadband connection you will have no issues.

For those who care, yes your computers talk to the AmazonAWS server cluster, that is how you access your node internationally.


Used to be cool, now sells drugs from an alley

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If you make a software that is good and free and functional, and loved by its userbase, you won't earn any points by going commercial and screwing over said userbase that supported it in its infancy, with a poorly thought ot money-grab scheme, no-less.

Stay with version 1.4.111, and don't update the smartphone app. Or you can migrate to an alternative.


Garbage software

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Didn't work on the enterprise.

It's slow as heck for syncing, about 10 minutes or more.

Closed source, not open source.

You can tail in the logs, it connects the deconnects and reconnects at will. Yeah, no thanks!

Don't install, look for something else!



Be careful

Comment by plasbot
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I was very excited at first with the speed of this. (It was going to solve my problem of Spideroak slow as molasses syncing)
However I was using btorrent sync to sync up my work files across 3 devices, then I added a 4th the other day. I'm not sure if that's what did it, but all my work files were overwritten by older versions.
Luckily I keep multiple backups, if I can find them.
I am looking at a backup made on 9/20 and I have files in it as recent as 9/20. In my actual workfolder (synced with bittorrent sync) however the newest file is from 9/17. And a very, very important file has a modified date of 9/17 in the backup, but in actual workfolder it's got a date of 8/31. Not cool.
I'm not sure if it was the adding of the 4th device that did it, but I just noticed it and I added the device late last week.

So be careful with this one for now it has great potential but appears to have a serious problem at this point. Never forget to backup!

Here it is 2 years later and I was thinking they had this problem fixed. I was working on some code and couldn't figure out why it would overwrite my work with an old version a few seconds after every save. The point is not that I have backups and can salvage my work, but that it wastes tons of my valuable time picking through backups and looking for the latest version. And of course I did not realize what was happening right away for one set of files it was 10 days later I realized they had been switched. Looking through the Bittorent sync forums reveals many others with the same problem just left hanging and told to update to the next version to see if it happens again. The fact that this happens so rarely is a BAD thing not a good thing, because it's going to happen when you least expect it and you better be paying attention when it does. And when I restore the backups it goes back and writes the old version over it again and again. Had to uninstall btsync. Something is wrong with Btsync at a cellular level and if it hasn't been fixed by now it probably never will.


Great soft

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Great soft. Dream about this but open source.