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synergy mouse keyboard sharing mac windows linux problems

Negative Comment by motaharehabbasi
about Synergy Apr 2017

There are lots of issues here
One of the most problems is that mouse wheel does not work in the client.

while in sharemouse ( I don't see such problem!

I wonder about a huge number of Like!


Event the latest nightlies are crippleware

Negative Comment by HunterZ
about Synergy Dec 2016

Someone said to try the latest nightly build, but it still nags for a license key.

Not going to waste my time, since I'm not worried about cross-platform sharing at this time.


Glad to hear you guys are fans of Synergy+

Comment by nbolton
about Synergy Jun 2011

Glad to hear you guys are fans of Synergy+, it's a shame original Synergy isn't being maintained any more, but hopefully when Chris turns up he'll want to merge the two projects.