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synergy mouse keyboard sharing mac windows linux problems

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There are lots of issues here
One of the most problems is that mouse wheel does not work in the client.

while in sharemouse ( I don't see such problem!

I wonder about a huge number of Like!


Event the latest nightlies are crippleware

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Someone said to try the latest nightly build, but it still nags for a license key.

Not going to waste my time, since I'm not worried about cross-platform sharing at this time.

Comment by nbolton
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Glad to hear you guys are fans of Synergy+, it's a shame original Synergy isn't being maintained any more, but hopefully when Chris turns up he'll want to merge the two projects.

Synergy and Synergy+ projects were merged on September 2009, about a month later the previous message :)

Oh wow, that was some time ago, and still going strong today!