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Coexists with Synergy

Positive Comment by mhill
about Mouse without Borders and Synergy Feb 2017

Mouse Without Borders does a much better job with Windows-only set ups--it handles run-as-administrator situations where Synergy does not.

I run both Mouse Without Borders and Synergy on my Windows "server" machine. When my dual-boot second machine is running Windows, Mouse Without Borders connects; when it's running Linux, Synergy does, automatically (though in both cases, I have to log in to the second machine to get Synergy or Mouse Without Borders started).


Ditched this one

Negative Comment by HunterZ
about Mouse without Borders Dec 2016

I had to ditch this one because I was trying to use it to control an HTPC from my laptop, and it maps all mouse and keyboard type devices on both machines to the active screen. This was unacceptable because it prevented my HTPC IR remote from working on the HTPC when using my laptop.


Mouse Without Borders

Positive Comment by mmetully
about Mouse without Borders Apr 2015

This is a made-by-Microsoft product. If you're only using windows, I suggest going here first. Setup was bone simple.