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    Password Manager, Auto Form Filler, Random Password Generator & Secure Digital Wallet App.

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web / Cloud Android iPhone S60 Blackberry Android Tablet BSD Windows Phone iPad Internet Explorer Vivaldi Browser Chrome Maxthon Opera Firefox

  • KeePass icon


    KeePass is a free open source password manager, which helps you to manage your passwords in a secure way. You can put all your passwords in one database, which is locked with one master key or a key file. So you only have to remember...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux BSD PortableApps.com

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    1Password creates strong, unique passwords for all of your sites and logs you in with a single tap (or click). A single click opens your browser, opens a site, fills in your username and password, and logs you in. Our Strong...

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    KeePassDroid is an implementation of the KeePass password safe for the Android platform.

    Open Source Android

  • KeeWeb icon


    Web and desktop password manager compatible with KeePass. Works online in any modern browser or as a desktop app for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux Web / Cloud

    • The desktop versions of KeeWeb are the most similar in functionality to KeePassX, except that it's even more slick and smooth and good looking. However, on Linux and Windows, KeePass + KeeFox is even better and more convenient. All of KeeWeb, KeePass and KeePassX are compatible with the same database file formats, so you can use all of them with your saved passwords without needing to export or re-save anything. JohnFastman • 8 days ago Disagree   Agree
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    Password manager that can generate unique passwords and also record purchase history across websites. Autologins everywhere. Super strong passwords. Security score monitoring. All with Dashlane. From credit cards to receipts...

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    Enpass Password Manager: Download the best free password manager app for all mobile & desktop devices. All the information is saved offline in highly-encrypted form.

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    RoboForm is a proprietary software password management program that syncs passwords between multiple computers. .

    Freemium Mac Windows Android iPhone Windows RT Windows Phone iPad

  • MacPass icon


    MacPass is an attempt to create an OS X port of KeePass.

    Open Source Mac

    • Mac-centric interface to KEEPASS databases. I've used this extensively to pass KEEPASS dbs between Windows, Mac, and LINUX and it works flawlessly. Guest • Mar 2016 Disagree   Agree
  • Safe In Cloud icon

    Safe In Cloud

    Safe In Cloud Password Manager Taken from official site: Cloud Synchronization Your database is automatically synchronized with your own cloud account at Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive (SkyDrive). Thus you can easily restore...

    Commercial Windows Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Chrome Web Store

  • True Key icon

    True Key

    True Key by Intel Security is a safe way to unlock your digital world. The True Key app removes the hassle of remembering multiple passwords and instantly logs you in to your favorite sites. You can sync your True Key profile to your...

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    Sticky Password

    Sticky Password manager and form filler securely stores your passwords, automatically fills in login account fields for programs and websites. This product contains also strong password generator.

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  • TeamPass icon


    TeamPass is a Passwords Manager dedicated for managing passwords in a collaborative way on any server Apache, MySQL and PHP. It is especially designed to provide passwords access security for allowed people. This makes TeamPass really...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux Web / Cloud

  • Password Safe icon

    Password Safe

    Password Safe is a password database utility. Password Safe protects passwords with the Twofish encryption algorithm, a fast, free alternative to DES. The programs security has been thoroughly verified by Counterpane Labs under the...

    Open Source Windows PortableApps.com

  • Google Password icon

    Google Password

    Your passwords synced on web with Google Chrome.

    Free Mac Windows Linux Web / Cloud Chrome OS

  • Master Password icon

    Master Password

    Master Password is different: it is based on an ingenious password generation algorithm that guarantees your passwords can never be lost. While password managers generally save your passwords in an encrypted vault or upload them to...

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  • pass

    Pass is the standard unix password manager, a lightweight password manager that uses GnuPG and Git for Linux, BSD, and Mac OS X. With pass, each password lives inside of a gpg encrypted file whose filename is the title of the...

    Open Source Mac Linux BSD Git GnuPG

  • Encryptr icon


    A free, open source password manager and e-wallet. Zero-knowledge. Cloud-based. Private.

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  • Clipperz icon


    Clipperz is an online vault where you can store confidential data without worrying about security. It can be used to save and manage passwords, private notes, burglar alarm codes, credit and debit card details, PINs, software keys, ….

    Freemium Web / Cloud

  • SuperGenPass icon


    SuperGenPass is a different kind of password manager. Instead of storing your passwords on your hard disk or online - where they are vulnerable to theft and data loss - SuperGenPass uses a hash algorithm to transform a master password...

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  • oneID icon


    Let's get rid of usernames and passwords. oneID was founded because we believe that people should be able to manage their own identity online with ease. oneID is reinventing identity, empowering people, and solving real business...

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  • Secure Login icon

    Secure Login

    Secure Login is a login extension for Mozilla Firefox integrated password manager. Its main feature is similar to Opera - Wand login. Features: * Easy installation through Mozilla Firefox add-ons system. * Works out...

    Free Mac Windows Linux Sunbird Thunderbird SeaMonkey Firefox

  • Less Pass icon

    Less Pass

    LessPass is an open source password manager. Instead of syncing a database of passwords, it generates them locally every time you put in a domain name, login and master password. There is no central database for hackers to break into.

    Open Source Linux Web / Cloud Chrome Firefox

  • PasswordMaker icon


    Passwordmaker creates unique, secure passwords that are very easy for you to retrieve but no one else. Nothing is stored anywhere, anytime, so there's nothing to be hacked, lost, or stolen. PasswordMaker has been around since...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux Web / Cloud Android iPhone Xfce Opera Firefox

  • Padlock icon


    Padlock helps you to manage your passwords with a minimalist interface that makes it super-easy to access, add and edit passwords. Features include: - Built for security - Simple interface makes it very easy to use -...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad

  • Padlockr icon


    Padlockr is an application that allows the user to store credentials such as usernames, passwords, links and notes in an encrypted portable database.

    Open Source Windows

  • Password Gorilla icon

    Password Gorilla

    The Password Gorilla helps you manage your logins. It stores all your user names and passwords, along with login information and other notes, in a securely encrypted file. A single "master password" is used to...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux PortableApps.com

  • Revelation

    Revelation is a password manager for the GNOME desktop, released under the GNU GPL license. It stores all your accounts and passwords in a single, secure place, and gives you access to it through a user-friendly graphical interface.

    Open Source Linux

  • WinPass icon


    Windows Phone KeePass 2.0 client. Support for key files.

    Free Windows Phone

  • Universal Password Manager icon

    Universal Password Manager

    Universal Password Manager allows you to store all your usernames and passwords in one highly secure encrypted database. Its strengths are its simplicity, portability and security (uses 128bit AES encryption). UPM is available on...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux Android

  • SaferPass icon


    SaferPass can automatically log you in, and help backup your passwords for simple searching. No need to remember your passwords for every site. And with the SaferCloud, you can even sync your passwords securely and easily among...

    Free Mac Web / Cloud Android iPhone Android Tablet SaferPass

  • Keychain Access icon

    Keychain Access

    You can use Keychain Access to reduce the number of passwords you have to keep track of. Keychain Access can store passwords for servers, apps, and websites, keep track of cryptographic keys, or even store sensitive information...

    Free Mac

  • bitwarden - Free Password Manager icon

    bitwarden - Free Password Manager

    bitwarden is the easiest and safest way to store your logins and passwords across all of your devices (iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Windows, Mac). bitwarden is FREE and open source.

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux Web / Cloud Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Chrome Opera Firefox Chrome Web Store

  • SimpleVault icon


    SimpleVault is a web-based tool that allows you to manage passwords or other secret information in a safe way. All secret information is encrypted using strong encryption algorithms. SimpleVault is particularly useful if you need to...

    Open Source Self-Hosted PHP

  • How Secure Is My Password? icon

    How Secure Is My Password?

    A website that estimates the approximate strength of passwords. (Warning: don't type your actual passwords here. Site is for testing purposes only.).

    Free Web / Cloud

KeePassX Comments

J'aurais aimé l'utiliser

Comment by Pierre_
about KeePassX Nov 2016

Je n'utilise pas KeePassX car il ne supporte pas les plugins. Je suis trop habitué au plugin Keefox, je passe donc par KeePass2 avec Mono. Le jour ou KeePassX supportera les plugins, je serais le premier à l'utiliser !



Comment by mike9
about KeePassX and Dropbox Jun 2015

I wish it would support iOS and integrated into DropBox


Très bon gestionnaire de mot de passe

Positive Comment by Daratoft
about KeePassX and KeePass Feb 2015

Utilisateur de KeepassX (et de Keepass) depuis quelques années, j'en suis pleinement satisfait.

L'interface est plutôt sobre, pas moche comme dit ci-dessous. C'est simple et sans fioritures;
Le logiciel est en version portable, ce qui signifie que l'on peut l'emporter partout avec nous;
Open-source, ce qui permet de suivre de près son développement et devrait assurer une continuité dans le temps; L'interface n'est pas surchargée et dispose des éléments essentiels.

Les fonctionnalités sont au rendez-vous :

  • un bouton pour copier/coller l'identifiant, un autre pour le mot de passe : très pratique;
  • ajout/modification/suppression d'une entrée très simplement;
  • possibilité d'afficher/masquer les colonnes (Titre, Utilisateur, Mot de passe, URL, Commentaire, etc);
  • création de groupe et de sous-groupe;
  • affectation d'un icône pour chaque groupe/sous-groupe (69 icônes intégrés);
  • verrouillage de la base de données à l'aide d'un mot de passe et/ou d'un fichier clé;
  • générateur de mot de passe;
  • possibilité de changer les couleurs du texte et des lignes;
  • nombreuses langues d'interface;
  • commande personnalisée pour lancer le navigateur internet;
  • effacement du presse-papier après une durée paramétrable
    et d'autres options encore.

Pour moi, c'est LE gestionnaire de mot de passe à avoir. Léger, agréable et fonctionnel.


review anyone?

Comment by casephrase
about KeePassX Feb 2013

can any user of this product reviw this app for it's useability?


I don't need a nice design, I need a software which works pe ...

Positive Comment by locust
about KeePassX Jun 2011

I don't need a nice design, I need a software which works perfect. And this is one of those and it's also open-source. Great!

[Edited by locust, October 07]


Good that it's cross platform; bad that it's, well, rather ...

Comment by shkm
about KeePassX Jun 2011

Good that it's cross platform; bad that it's, well, rather ugly. On Windows I'll use KeePass 1.x, but this does the job well on Mac and Linux.