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Negative Comment by mahadalkhaleejgap
about 1Password May 2016

I have used 1password for several years (since 2012) and was generally pleased with the way it worked smoothly, didn't take a lot of resources and allowed me to fairly easily manage my passwords and be able to access them from my office, my home and while on the road. Along the way v4 rolled around and after evaluating the cost/benefit, I didn't feel like there was sufficient usefulness to warrant the purchase or upgrade. I continued this way while additional problems presented themselves (know logins asking for updates, duplicated entries, inability to keep from being nagged to upgrade) until last month when the web extension was no longer supported.

I'm going to choose a different password manager and won't recommend 1password to others.


Not sure about this

Negative Comment by BrianAdams
about 1Password Dec 2015

"As with past versions, 1Password also has a tendency to clash with OS X’s built-in iCloud Keychain."

Incompatibility with iCloud Keychain makes 1Password a complete non-starter for me.


1p costs are a little high -- looking at alternatives

Negative Comment by rs123
about 1Password Oct 2013

I've been willing to spend a little more for 1P, but it might be time to move on. At least it's time to start looking around. 1password is good, and it does work. If you get it, you can be assured, at least in my experience over the last couple years, that it will get the job done.

What I find annoying is their pricing. I could live with the extra cost. I figured, why not? It's important stuff. I want it to work. But... In order to upgrade to their new desktop version (v4) -- which I would like to do because of some new features -- you also have to also upgrade the iphone/ipad version. Why? Because they decided to build the v4 desktop sync so it's not backwards compatible with v3 iOS. Not just a limited sync -- which is all I needed -- just keep my passwords in sync. Nope, you can't do it at all.

The iOS version (v3) is unpleasant to use. Probably not their fault, given the iOS limitations. Regardless -- it's not where you want to invest a lot of money. But you do need a way to carry your passwords around. Remember that the point of systems like 1P is that you want unique passwords for all logins, and they are passwords you cannot possibly remember. Therefore -- you have to be able to sync iOS with the mother ship. This is not optional.

So -- be advised. Yes -- 1P has what you need. But if you decide to go with them, they have apparently decided that you will have to upgrade all devices together. Forever. So you'll need to just be zen about that. Maybe I need to meditate. This might also mean, though, that when there's another design/sales choice like this to be made, they're going to hurt you again, just a little, and you're going to have to tough it out.

I'm looking at LassPass now. We'll see.

[Edited by rs123, October 27]

[Edited by rs123, October 27]


It's too expensive

Negative Comment by eveready34
about 1Password Dec 2012

Saying for the Mac version, it really is very expensive and complex. It has features that you never use.
There are lots of alternatives to it. Even for the one tenths of its price. For example:


This app is really worth the money

Positive Comment by Alban
about 1Password Apr 2012

I don't usally buy apps when i can avoid it, but i bought this one and i am extremly satified with 1password.
I can easily recommend 1password or Onesafe


awesome piece of software

Positive Comment by raggax
about 1Password Dec 2011

I am using it nearly two years now. On Windows, Mac OS, iOS syncing everything over dropbox. This works very well!


This is a superb piece of software. I just cant believe tha ...

Comment by phillat5dock
about 1Password Jun 2011

This is a superb piece of software. I just cant believe that I have the app that is was looking for that surpasses all my expectations. I wanted something that would allow my to use the hundred or so Secure Notes I keep in my Keychain account in Windows in BootCamp. Not only does 1Password do this, but it also keeps track of the serial numbers of my software on both platforms as well as all the passwords I use all over the net. And then if I get an iPhone or Android it will synk with them too. AND, the security is as good, if not better than Mac OS X keychain. What is more the interface is terrific. I first tried it on Windows and was very impressed so then switched to Mac OS and was blown away. I was able to import my keychain, software licence details from License Keeper and more.



I just bought the windows app. I couldn't be happier with ...

Comment by mandin82
about 1Password Jun 2011

I just bought the windows app. I couldn't be happier with it. It clearly resembles being based on a Mac app, since the user interface is really nice and the app altogether feels very polished. It integrates with Firefox quite easily and personally I prefer it over Lastpass (haven't tried RoboForm).


Isn't there anything for Windows that is better then RoboFo ...

Comment by Ola
about 1Password Jun 2011

Isn't there anything for Windows that is better then RoboForm or KeePass. I don't like either of them ..