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Good free solution but has some limitations

Comment by cabji
about FtpUse · May 2015 ·

ftpuse is a good free solution to map your FTP drives to a drive letter in Windows, but I have found it does have some limitatons:

  • symlinks are not followed
  • mounted partitions' free space is not recognized - for example on my system the mapped FTP drive is only 1Gb and is 50% used. I have a 3TB USB hard drive attached and mounted to /media/3TB on the FTP server which has plenty of space available. When I try to copy a large file to /media/3TB, Windows Explorer thinks there is only 512Mb of space on the mapped FTP drive and won't copy the file over.

There may be more but I haven't come across them yet.

This is a command line utility so it may not be easy for some people, and getting it to run on log in takes some configuring with Task Scheduler but it is possible.

Overall, it's a fairly useful little utility to have installed if you need or want access to your FTP files in Windows Explorer.

I wish this project was open source so that the developers could be given this feedback to improve the software, or someone else could improve on it.


Simple and works.

about FtpUse · ·

I used to use Novell's NetDrive on Windows XP, but then for some reason in Windows 7 it would just throw an error, "can't start netdrive service WebDriveFSD... blocked".

Although I can access an FTP address as a folder in Windows, I really needed a drive letter, so I could use some other tools to access the SD memory card of my Android device (which since Android 4.* does not allow the memory cards to be mounted as mass storage, just as the crap MPT).

So I made a little search for a free application, and found FTPUse, and it worked immediately. I can now see my phone's memory card as a drive letter in Windows, via wi-fi and and FTP server running on the phone.

Not super-fast - I guess that will also depend on the network, of course - but it's OK. I will try with other FTP servers (on the phone) and see if I find one that's faster.