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Frequent Error

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I am using Windows 8 and it crashes a lot while i am using it !


Works great to mount synology nas instantly

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You can mount both of nas devices and google drive. Free for one drive connection forever. You don't need to purchase if you use one network drive only.


SpiderOak OK: NetDrive not for GMX Mediacenter &

about NetDrive and GMX File Storage, SpiderOak · ·

Because NetDrive does not work with GMX Mediacenter or bit I prefer SpiderOak

SpiderOak Bonus-Registration-Link:
Starts with 3GB instead of 2GB, max. reachable 2 + 3x1GB = 5GB:

2 Advantages of SpiderOak in comparison with DropBox:

(A) With the Bonus-Registration Link you start SpiderOak with 3GB instead of only 2GB (DropBox)

(B) In DropBox you can only synchronize one directory with sub-directories
With SpiderOak you can Synchronize as many different local directories as you want