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Went from free to freemium

about Freemake Video Converter · ·

Used to be a real free video converter, now it asks for money to remove its logo from the converted video and to deal with subtitles. Not a good choice anymore.



Comment by tribalmixes
about Freemake Video Converter · Jun 2017 ·

check out this keepvid review, i think it should help. it's getting popular as of late... top 10 world most famous youtube downloaders..


video and audio out of sync

Comment by nelsonleo
about Freemake Video Converter · May 2017 ·

Just downloaded freemake. Simple to instal and looks very uncomplicated. Conversion worked but audio and video are violently out of sync. Tried output to AVI and also MP4. It seems the video is converting at a much slower rate than the audio resulting in the non-sync. The audio finishes 8-10 seconds before the video on a one-and-a-half minute clip. What am I doing wrong? I used to convert video with a free web-based application called Acethinker Video Converter, never had that problem.


MKV no longer supported

Comment by Jez2k
about Freemake Video Converter · Nov 2016 ·

I downloaded the latest version after several months of waiting for an update, since the previous version wouldn't work on my PC.

What prompted me to check for an update was that I had downloaded the original Japanese version of Transformers Car Robots with Karyuudo's FanSubs in MKV format. Despite the subtitles being embedded in the MKV files, they would not display in Windows Media Player but did display in VLC. However, I wanted to convert these files to AVI so that I could play them on my DVD player which is capable of playing AVI files, and hopefully the converted files would display the subtitiles.

Unfortunately, the latest version of Freemake Video Converter no longer supports MKV files :(

[Edited by Jez2k, November 27]

After trying the various alternatives listed on this site, the only one that does what I want it to is XMedia Recode.

I just want to point out that it might not be the case. It can be that your system likes codecs needs for the MKV, like for example having K-Lite codec pack. MKV is just a container. The video inside the MKV can be encoded in many different ways, so it probably could not work with it, because it was something obvscure, like it could be an H265. I just tried with some MKV I had and worked fine.

I do indeed have the K-Lite codec pack. The Freemake Video Converter does not have an MKV button to click anymore. It has been removed in the newest version.

When I commented that, I did cause I was actually testing it. Here, let me install it again a moment.

As you can see it does have MKV amongst options and it converts to it normally.


Not Only Handy and Easy

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I just converted a DVD video with a subtitle and double audio tracks into MP4, I tried a few other pieces of software but they have different issues to do that. With this I successed and that was so easy! However the subtitle feature is not free, there is not a subtitle for my output video.


Can install unwanted software

about Freemake Video Converter · ·

Be careful when installing! Always opt for Custom installation and uncheck ALL optional "recommended" software (Linkey Browser and TuneUp)! If you don't do that, it'll hijack your browser and install another annoying programs!


Subtitles are now a paying option from version 4

about Freemake Video Converter · ·

Freemake is a great software, but since version 4, the default font for subtitles is very large. There is a "Subtitles pack" available which allows to customize the font size, but it is required to donate to download it, with a suggested amount of $9.99. Version 3.2.1 did use by default reasonable font sizes though.


Watch out for unwanted toolbars and browser hijacks, etc!!!

Comment by J5_JHallgren
about Freemake Video Converter · May 2013 · 3 Helpful

Just tried this software and during install, had to use CUSTOM install to prevent unwanted toolbars and browser hijacks, etc and then also select NO on another panel to block other undesired stuff!
Needs .NET 4.0 on Win XP which it will install if needed so vendor download is only a installer stub.

Seems to work ok thus far but wanted to caution others about being careful on install.

I can confirm that and also my Panda Antivirus detected 2 threats during installation.

If you run malwarebytes antimalware, it will clean anything residual this will add. I personally have the premium version and when the installer of this starts, it kills the opencandy installer. That makes the options to not even appear while installing, since the opencandy installer is quarantined as soon as it tries to start.

Keep in mind, the Opencandy does not start when the installer starts. The installer will first offer you a couple of software and after it will start downloading the actual software. When the download will finish, the opencandy installer will launch. Just to point out, opencandy is NOT dangerous, but they are annoying advertisements. Opencandy installer is there only to show you the offers. With that said, I hate opencandy and I hate how it leaves stuff in my pc, without making sure I want it, whilst.. >.> they can jump off a cliff.

For better or worse, Freemake suite offers really good and useful tools, even if it comes with opencandy. I just categorize it to the good tools with annoying installers. I have been using it for years and it works great, although the latest versions have nagging "buy the full version" screens.

If anything, I suggest to skip their "extra ads" installer and download their software from their offline installers page


Nice !

about Freemake Video Converter · ·

I have cut video by this tool, awesome feature, clear interface.
Thanks a lot.



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Needed a convertor for mkv files, searched for a while and installed a few. This definetely better than all.


It looks good and it's really simple

Freemake Video Converter is probably the simplest video converter I've ever used (for Windows). Obviously, it doesn't offer as many options as Handbrake, but it makes up for the lack of features with a really easy-to-use interface.

I also like how it looks; Freemake's user interface has a custom theme that looks a bit like OS X, without overdoing it. In fact, it's probably the only Windows program with a custom theme that doesn't make me want to throw up (I'm looking at you, Format Factory).

about Freemake Video Converter and HandBrake · ·

Forget about Handbrake; Handbrake's for your old man. Freemake Video Converter supports CUDA (ever transcoded an entire movie in 20 minutes?), and is dead simple to use. Stop fiddling with knobs and start encoding!