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  • Comodo Firewall icon

    Comodo Firewall

    Comodo Firewall Pro - Secure your system against internal attacks such as Trojan viruses / malicious software and external attacks by hackers. Safeguard your personal...

    Free Windows

  • TinyWall icon


    TinyWall is a free software to harden and control the advanced firewall built into Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. TinyWall includes a combination of features...

    Free Windows

  • Gufw icon


    Gufw is an easy, intuitive way to manage your Linux firewall. It supports common tasks such as allowing or blocking pre-configured, common p2p, or individual ports...

    Open Source Linux

  • Privatefirewall icon


    This personal firewall and intrusion detection application provides comprehensive online security. It constantly monitors your PC for intrusion and reports any findings...

    Free Windows

  • Windows 10 Firewall Control icon

    Windows 10 Firewall Control

    Protects your applications from undesirable network incoming and outgoing activity, controls applications internet access. Allows you to control personal information...

    Freemium Windows

    • Windows firewall is only a basic firewall not worthy of protecting your online privacy when doing monetary business online or anything else. Basic firewall basic protection. Guest • Jun 2015 Disagree   Agree
  • PC Tools Firewall Plus icon

    PC Tools Firewall Plus

    PC Tools Firewall Plus is a powerful free personal firewall for Windows® that protects your computer by preventing unauthorized users from gaining access to your...

    Free Windows

    • Discontinued Last version,, was released on September 29, 2009. It can be still downloaded from
  • Free Firewall icon

    Free Firewall

    Free firewall is a full-featured professional firewall that protects against the threats of the Internet. Control every program on your computer by permit or deny access...

  • Hands Off! icon

    Hands Off!

    Hands Off! is an application to monitor and control the access of applications to your network and disks. Being able to monitor the normally unnoticeable activities...

    Commercial Mac

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  • Filseclab Personal Firewall icon

    Filseclab Personal Firewall

    Filseclab Personal Firewall Professional Edition is one of the most important software of Filseclab, it is very easy to use and also very powerful. It can provide more...

    Free Windows

  • Firestarter icon


    Firestarter is an Open Source visual firewall program. The software aims to combine ease of use with powerful features, therefore serving both Linux desktop users and...

    Open Source Linux

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall Comments

worst software I uesd

about ZoneAlarm Free Firewall · ·

Since I installed the free firewall version my win 10 PC it hanged for a million times. It even hanged my PC when I was uninstalling it. This software should be forbidden and removed from the internet as soon as possible!


2016 version

about ZoneAlarm Free Firewall · ·

i've had zonelarm for a number of years but stupidly "upgraded" to the 2016 (14.something) version on my XP computer. It is NOT compatible with the AVAST antivirus I have installed, it also installs a non-compatable version of .NET and some other things like toolbars and caused me all kind of hell. System freezes, not-boot states, etc. AND good luck removing it, as it won't uninstall in safe mode!
Can no longer recommend this.
Maybe commodo instead?


Latest update installs search conduit.

about ZoneAlarm Free Firewall · ·

For those who don´t know what search conduit is, it´s a piece of garbage which replaces your default search provider (google, yahoo, bing..) for their website (
Latest upgrade of ZoneAlarm doesn´t improve security of the app, it just installs a toolbar (in my case in Firefox), you can disable and remove it, but the damage is done and it´s no easy to 100% remove it from your system.

Exactly. So, it's not free anymore. It's adware, in fact.


Has a good pedigree, but I've found the latest builds to be ...

Comment by peterstaack
about ZoneAlarm Free Firewall · Jun 2011 ·

Has a good pedigree, but I've found the latest builds to be a little heavy on the system resources (I was running it on older workstations), and opted for either the OS default firewall or a lighter product.


I still use this, gets the job done, but I've yet to find a ...

Comment by s0me0ne
about ZoneAlarm Free Firewall · Jun 2011 ·

I still use this, gets the job done, but I've yet to find a better alternative. The site shows a few but not many likes on them or enough info for me to switch yet.


Just a note: Antiviruses, like AVG are *not* alternatives t ...

Comment by 72dpi
about ZoneAlarm Free Firewall · Jun 2011 ·

Just a note: Antiviruses, like AVG are *not* alternatives to firewalls like Zone Alarm. They're two different things. However, it doesn't seem to be any way to remove AVG from Zone Alarm's alternatives-list...?


Previous versions were good, these days ZoneAlarm seems way ...

Comment by monkeybear
about ZoneAlarm Free Firewall · Jun 2011 ·

Previous versions were good, these days ZoneAlarm seems way too bloated... I'd pass.