Wrike Reviews

Powerful task management tool for professionals 1 Helpful

Positive Review by manager123op
about Wrike Jun 2016

I’m fully satisfied with Wrike from day one since I’ve started to use it! The support is amazing and the tools are an improvement over any other project management software my company has used in the past.

I. Why Wrike is better

  • Wrike can be used by the whole range of people from your team – from moneymen and salesmen to software developers and maintenance guys. And all these people will be satisfied with the tools, which Wrike gives to them for their working process.
  • As a project manager with Wrike I’m able to set deadlines and then check who from my team is overdue on their tasks and how many of them they have completed. These insights can be seen directly on dashboards.
  • The support team of Wrike is absolutely great. Working with these guys makes you feel that the software is backed by the giant team of professionals. And I’m 100% sure that they are doing their best to make it better and better.

II. Dislikes

  • The interface and design. In pursuit of making it more modern, the UIX has become less convenient.
  • The price is a bit high, but you know what you paying for – Wrike used by professionals like HTC, PayPal, etc. And these guys are supper serious about their business. If you are serious business then 24 bucks for user - isn´t extreme (we use [Business plan](https://www.wrike.com/price/?r=kieJvaLF )).

And since it is the only software, which could force your business to work like a Swiss watch (but of course with your help only :-) So don't let the price discourage you from using such an awesome application.


Loving Wrike

Positive Review by chadagler
about Wrike Jul 2015

After working with Excel and other sheet based tools I have to say that Wrike is changing my life. Love it!


Wrike has so much to offer 1 Helpful

Positive Review by laurabohling
about Wrike Jul 2015

My favorite aspect of Wrike is the idea that a task can not only be assigned to more than one person, but also "live" in more than one folder. That is invaluable when you are working with marketing, design, copy, operations, development and company partners all on the same task or project. There is so much flexability and simplicity at the same time. It has really increased our productivity and ability to react to changing market patterns.


Wrike Can Do Anything!

Positive Review by juliemamula
about Wrike Jun 2015

I have used several project management programs and Wrike by far has the most capabilities and features. I would recommend it to anyone.


The one project management tool you need

Positive Review by denizhusebyyabar
about Wrike May 2015

We have been into 10-20 different project management tools this year. Finally we landed on Wrike. Its flexible, smart and reasonably priced.


Good PM Tool!

Positive Review by clutterandchaos
about Wrike Apr 2015

We've been using Wrike for about a year and find that it fits our needs nicely. We can easily break up tasks by clients and teams. The custom fields boxes are our favorites.


Nice Tool

Positive Review by groverJ
about Wrike Mar 2015

Wrike is a nice tool to work on PM. it helps us a lot in setting up the work load management among the team members. its email notification is good.
i guess Wrike team will come with a newer version which has all the things that we need.


Wrike review

Review by Daves
about Wrike Mar 2015

Wrike is a good tool and it has the minimal thing what we need.
but this is little bit more costly than other tools.
it does not support Single sign on with Winddows Azure.
However the tagging feature is great. Ita mobile app notification is very prompt.


Perfect tool to track the status of your project.

Positive Review by chrisrandore
about Wrike Mar 2015

Every team member can easily tract and monitor the status of their project. It also promotes open and fast communication for the improvement of the team. Easy navigation and very user-friendly.


Wrike Lighter Than a Feather

Positive Review by ralzari
about Wrike Feb 2015

Great solution to collaborate and manage projects/tasks and meet deadlines.


Wrike is a fantastic tool for team organization!

Positive Review by johnhansknecht
about Wrike Dec 2014

We used Wrike for over a year now. Wrike provides a flexible project planning tool, built on a social management construct. My team's productivity has grown has Wrike assist us to keep on task and to plan what's ahead.
Strong points of Wrike are it's flexibility and ease of use. Tasks can be organized in multiple folders which allows for a variety of planning and tracking methodologies. Wrike is also built around a strong communications component to keep a team working as a team.



Positive Review by danmatthewobenzaaranas
about Wrike Nov 2014

When you are looking for ways to organize more your project workflows specially to development processes. Then Wrike is the best tool for you! Time Tracking, Project Prioritization, Database Back up, Project Archieve/Backup, Team Assignment, Tagging people to a project and more. I mean it's all in one package.



Positive Review by Mattmill
about Wrike Nov 2014

A fast and simple application that allows you and your team to keep up with all tasks in hand in realtime. great performance and simple to use.


Wrike the dynamic solution

Positive Review by ommsharravanasendamaraai
about Wrike Nov 2014

Wrike is a dynamic solution