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Wanted something with a flat price

Comment by phyllisfrank
about Wrike · Feb 2016 ·

Wrike has a lot of great features, but depending on how many users you have, it can be very expensive, as the price scales based on that, as well as what features you want. My company is working on a tight budget, so we wanted something that was "all in one solution" feature-wise, and could be had for a basic flat rate. After some searching, we found a tool called SuiteDash, and we have been very happy with it. SuiteDash handles all of the features we need, including billing, managing projects, and CRM, and it's all for a reasonable monthly fee. If you are in the market for something similar to Wrike, but need something to better fit your budget, I would highly recommend checking out SuiteDash.


Great Platform that Keeps Getting Better

about Wrike · ·

I use Wrike to manage my teams' progress, track tasks, perform analytics--it's the best I've used yet.


Good for distributed teams

about Wrike · ·

From what I have read, Wrike is good for distributed teams. We are using for our project management needs.


The best app I've found so far

about Wrike · ·

Wrike is wonderful task and project management software! I’ve used some of the alternatives mentioned above, including Proofhub, before adapting Wrike. None of them appeared to be as easy-to-use and user friendly as Wrike. I work with a constantly growing team of freelancers, and it took just a couple of days for each of them to adopt the app. My top two favorite are Gantt chart and workload management features. They work great for visualizing the work progress ad-hoc management.


Alternative To Wrike

Comment by DANNY123
about Wrike · Jul 2013 ·

I'd actually recommend Proofhub ( ) for lots of scenarios. You can customize almost every aspect of the "parts" (called apps) you want to use, and it integrates with a lot of external applications/services, like Google Docs and Dropbox.


I think we looked at Wrike when we were choosing an online ...

Comment by Christine
about Wrike · Jun 2011 ·

I think we looked at Wrike when we were choosing an online task management tool. We looked at a handful, quickly because we were desperate for help. Some people in our organisation liked it but more liked and we went with that and has been a great success for us.


Hehe, my software IQ must be 200! Thanks! ;)I've tried quit ...

Comment by MaximRyzhev
about Wrike · Jun 2011 ·

Hehe, my software IQ must be 200! Thanks! ;)
I've tried quite a few different programs recently, and have to say that I do not fully agree that Wrike is overcomplicated. Most of the features are intuitive, or else you can follow quite detailed instructions provided. The only way someone can find Wrike overcomplicated is because it accommodates pretty much every possible feature there is available.