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Incorrect - it was not created by Chris

Comment by Tanath
about uBlock · Apr 2016 ·

This extension was created by gorhill (Raymond Hill) not Chris, who the project was handed off to. It was later forked and resumed by uBlock's creator as uBlock Origin.


It hides, doesn't block

about uBlock and Mozilla Firefox · ·

Doesn't seem to block anything in Firefox, just hides it.

uBlock does both (just like AdBlock Plus). First, it inserts itself into all HTTP requests of the current tab and aborts those that match an entry in the filter lists. Second, it checks the DOM of the current document and inserts CSS rules into the head part of the page, which then hides some other content.

If you want more control over the blocking part, use the extension as an advanced user. You'll then be able to stop loading content from websites by domain/subdomain - either always or only as a third-party connection on (sub)domains of your choice.


lol xDD dank memes

Comment by tergdfgr
about uBlock · Apr 2015 ·

i'm pretty sure it loads the advertiesesments and thenn deletes them. i blinked so not sure


Slaps ABP around on all fronts.

about uBlock · ·

Fantastic add-on.


Thank you so much.

about uBlock · ·

Thank you for the Firefox support !


Support of Mozilla Firefox!

about uBlock · ·

I think that I will fork source on Github and will make it for Mozilla Firefox!