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Web / Online


  • Evolve icon


    Evolve is a desktop app and community for serious gamers. It makes it easy to cast your games on Twitch, share captured screenshots and videos on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, and show off your achievements and playtime. It...

    Freemium Windows Web / Cloud

  • Plays.TV icon


    Recording begins automatically as you start your game. Everything that’s important to you – webcam, mic, mouse clicks – can be captured with virtually no impact on system performance or hard drive space. Only identifies your...

    Free Windows Web / Cloud Chrome

  • Garena Plus icon

    Garena Plus

    Garena is a free downloadable software provided by Ocean Global Holding. Garena, short for Global Arena, is a multifunction platform that allows gamers to chat, challenge opponents, and play their favorite games online with millions...

    Free Windows

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  • Games Xtreme icon

    Games Xtreme

    Social discovery for gamers. Track your favourite games, players, YouTubers and companies and create an awesome gamer profile filled with your gaming achievements.

    Free Web / Cloud

  • GSC icon


    With GSC, you can pick from any of 14 worldwide datacenters to host your own free voice server. Get full rights to create rooms, kick and ban users, and personalize your voice server. Plus, your settings are always saved - the voice...

    Free Windows

    • Discontinued GSC hasn't been updates since September 28th, 2009.
  • LFire icon


    This is a free application, which counts how much time we play the game (Something like XFire for Windows). In the future we plan to add achievements, screenshots and video capture, and many more supported games. ;-)

    Free Linux

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    • Discontinued The software hasn't been updated since 2012.

Raptr Comments

No Google+ Support

Negative Comment by DazzaJayF
about Raptr Jun 2013

Users have been asking for G+ support for well over a year now.
Raptr devs keep making excuses.



Negative Comment by bjornhallberg
about Raptr Oct 2012

Was initially happy with the service but my opinion of the company changed dramatically when I was banned. Admitting to "piracy" on the forum (when asking for a new game detection scheme) is enough to get you thrown out, not just from their forum but from the service itself. No second chances, no appeals. It is clear that these people are a bunch of fascists who like to suck up to big gaming.

Better to go with Evolve. Their game detection scheme is neutral in the sense that it doesn't discriminate against any potential sources for games. It just works. No need to detect a game or beg some fascist mods to add it to a list.


Only thing missing now is a server browser! They should rea ...

Comment by RRRicardo
about Raptr Jun 2011

Only thing missing now is a server browser! They should really make that prior.. because that's one of the reasons people stick with xfire.