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The Ten Judgements

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  1. First judgement: The music will suck. Let's get the hell out. CC-music is always retarded.
    CC-music, and mainstream music. CC-music is always mainstream.
  2. Second judgement: Oh, the design is not too bad. I am pro-CC, anyways. Let's try it out.
  3. Third judgement: ... They... put... this above average music on the front page. Hmmm... No stupid mainstream retardedness.
  4. Fourth judgement: Top metal album. (Breathin' Again by Antarhes.) Probably has tons of death metal screaming, horrible lyrics, and terrible pop melodies.
  5. Fifth judgement: ... Well, this is just the first song. The rest of the album probably sucks.
  6. Sixth judgement: What. The. I actually... like it!
  7. Seventh judgement: Better than a whole lot of commercial bands.
  8. Eight judgement: OK, this could go in my top 20 bands of all time.
  9. Ninth judgement: MUST DOWNLOAD.
  10. Tenth judgement: Post a comment less than an hour from discovering jamendo.

And I am not a fan of that overrated mainstream band Slipknot, just so you know. I listen to Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, and -- shame on me -- old Metallica.

Not bad -> Top rated metal album is not your average, everyday metal -> It is damn epic, but not Dream Theater epic, of course -> jamendo rules.