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Comment by metarob
about Google Bookmarks · Oct 2015 ·

Wow, where did you get that screenshot? Wouldn't it be cool if it really looked like that? It doesn't, though.

about Google Bookmarks and KeePass, LastPass · ·

I use Google bookmarks and Keepass, which is as open source and free password manager that I control. Google bookmarks are perfectly fine. If you can open a web-page with the browser, you can access your bookmarks even on smart phones. I liked Foxmark and XMarks, but they sold out and will likely sell you out too for ad dollars.


Comparison of cross-browser-bookmark-sync-services

about Google Bookmarks and All-in-One Sidebar, XMarks · ·

Very good comparison (1) of cross-browser-bookmark-synchronization-services:

It seems, that Xmarks (2) has no real competitor concerning the cross-browser-bookmark-synchronization-abilities.
No other bookmark-sync-service than Xmarks is able to sync Bookmarks (and passwords) across IE, FF, Chrome, Mac OS X10, iPhone and iPad.
Additionally you quickly can share a Xmarks-folder (with subfolders) with your personal internet-bookmarks online as webpage and you can vote and see the average voting of other Xmarks-users for the quality of sites.
Further as an alternative to the Xmarks server you can use your own server for your bookmarks, and you also can sync the passwords across all your used browsers and computers, if you want. (3) has no Chrome-support and a bad reputation on (4), whereas the reputation of Xmarks is excellent on (5) nearly equal to the excellent reputation of, see (6).

If you only use Firefox the best bookmark-solution is the firefox-addon Gmarks used together with the Firefox-Addon All-in-One Sidebar.

(1) Wikipedia: Comparison of browser synchronizers

(2) Small XMarks iconXMarks



(5) om