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Comodo Time Machine Is Based On RollBack Rx

Comment by ArchitectInTraining
about Comodo Time Machine Dec 2016

Quote from website:

“Comodo Time Machine was initially a OEM rebrand of Horizon DataSys’ RollBack Rx version8. A much improved version of RollBack Rx is actually available today which has been updated in order to support Windows 7 and Windows 8 and multiple harddrives. In fact, Rollback v10.x was the turning point from which the core technology of RollBack Rx and Comodo Time Machine had to be re-written in order to support todays larger hard drives and UEFI BIOS. Since Comodo Time Machine was a rebrand and was the base code of RollBack Rx – Comodo Time Machine could not be updated unless it aquired the latest code by the development team of Horizon DataSys. Unfortunately, due to legal disputes, Horizon DataSys no longer deals with Comodo and thus there is no development relationship between Horizon DataSys to further build Comodo Time Machine.”


comodo time machine is available on the website

Comment by h00man
about Comodo Time Machine Jan 2012

I see it available on their website - it's free. No comment of it being discontinued. I suppose it's just not updated, and may not work on windows 7, etc.


CTM nearly broke my machine.

Negative Comment by thedavil
about Comodo Time Machine Jun 2011

CTM nearly broke my machine. Scarily difficult to get rid of. I just don't trust it.


CTM already saved my ass several times on the last monthts ...

Comment by gordita_de_lisoform
about Comodo Time Machine Jun 2011

CTM already saved my ass several times on the last monthts !