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Boxopus allows torrents to be downloaded remotely and stored in the cloud, on both desktop and...

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Boxopus allows bittorrent files to be downloaded in the cloud, and kept in your personal online account. Once completed, files can be transferred from Boxopus directly to popular cloud storage services such as Box and Google Drive.

Download speeds on Boxopus are always unlimited, and are independent of the speed of your internet service provider, since they are downloaded with remote servers. Since torrent files are downloaded and stored entirely online, not any of your hard drive space.

Another benefit of this direct-to-cloud remote downloading is that your device is safe from harmful viruses and malware - often disguised as popular downloads - which can only cause harm if they're on your computer's hard drive. More Info »

Users can purchase storage space for their account, as well as time for downloaded files to be stored. Account sizes vary from 10 - 100 GB, with plans thay range from a week, to a year, with the option of auto-renewal.

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