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  • WinMerge icon


    WinMerge is an Open Source differencing and merging tool for Windows. WinMerge can compare both folders and files, presenting differences in a visual text format that is...

    Open Source Windows

    • Discontinued Works smoothly on Windows 8.1, but the last version, 2.14.0, was released on February 3rd, 2013. is an updated fork of the project.
  • kdiff3 icon


    KDiff3 is a file and directory diff and merge tool which compares and merges two or three text input files or directories, shows the differences line by line and...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux

    • I would like to suggest kdiff3 as the best alternative selection for Beyond compare, esp. folder compare and sync! Guest • Feb 2016 Disagree   Agree
    • As BC and unlike Meld, it align changes by adding lines, which is a key feature to visually compare code. Meld explicitly states it does not do that. kdiff3 also supports multiple platforms (as stated). Unfortunately, it does not support on-click line/block merging (merge from side to side visually) like Meld or BC. Guest • Jan 2017 Disagree   Agree
  • Compare icon


    Comparison plugin for Notepad++ editor. Features Side-by-side visual differencing Comparison against SVN...

    Open Source Windows Notepad++

    • No option to align text lines, copy lines to and from each text being compared...just a host of things BeyondCompare does on a text compare level. Guest • Aug 2015 Disagree   Agree
  • Araxis Merge icon

    Araxis Merge

    Merge is the visual file comparison (diff), merging and folder synchronization application from Araxis. Use it to compare and merge source code, web pages, XML and other...

    Commercial Mac Windows

  • P4Merge icon


    The Perforce Merge Tool, P4Merge, provides graphical three-way merging and side-by-side file comparisons. P4Merge allows users to visualize the differences between...

    Free Mac Windows Linux

  • mergely icon


    Merge is an online merge and diff tool that allows you to share and save your documents.

    Open Source Web

  • SmartSynchronize icon


    SmartSynchronize is a multi-platform file and directory compare tool. It allows you to compare files or perform 3-way-merges, both with the ability to edit the file...

    Free Personal Mac Windows Linux

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  • FileMerge icon


    FileMerge lets you compare one file to another or one directory to another and merge the files or directories together.

    Free Mac Xcode

  • Diffuse icon


    Diffuse is a small and simple text merge tool written in Python. With Diffuse, you can easily merge, edit, and review changes to your code. Diffuse is able to compare...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux

  • Compare It! icon

    Compare It!

    Easily compare and merge text files; compare doc, xls and pdf files; prepare comparison reports and printouts.

    Commercial Windows

    • Discontinued The program is no longer updated, but last version, 4.2, released in November 2010, can be still bought from the official website and it's reportedly still working.

Beyond Compare Comments

Mac version doesn't compare against VC

about Beyond Compare · ·

As far as I can tell, the Mac version of BeyondCompare doesn't support comparing a file or folder against a version control system. If this is a must-have feature for you, as it is for me, you'll want to look elsewhere.


One of the most helpful apps I use every day for multiple tasks

about Beyond Compare · · 1 Helpful

I am so happy to have purchased this (version 3) after using the trial quite a while ago. It is fantastic, for comparing so many different things. I use it for backing up, finding duplicates, keeping files that are the latest and dumping the older, seeing the various changes you have made in a document, slight changes of images using tolerance... the list goes on. I honestly am surprised at how many functions this helps my workflow while on the computer - I needed it for doing basic comparisons early on, but have found so many ways to use it in my workflow. It truly is "Beyond Compare" ;)

I am looking forward to trying the new 3-way-compare in version 4, and I will likely be upgrading to 4. Plus Scooter Software has excellent support. Highly recommended!


One of the tools I can't live without

about Beyond Compare · · 1 Helpful

I seriously have no idea how I could possibly work without this tool. Never would have thought the need to compare files and directories would come up so often. I use it for things unrelated to programming several times every week (plus many times every day for programming work).


Great tool but don't expect frequent updates

Comment by CopyTrans
about Beyond Compare · Nov 2012 ·

very few updates and with just bug fixes - don't expect new things...


Works on Mac OS X with Wine

about Beyond Compare and DiffMerge, Araxis Merge · ·

I was going through major withdrawal after moving to Mac and not having Beyond Compare anymore. After a suggestion from Scooter Software support I installed Beyond Compare under Wine on my Mac and was surprised how well it worked. It handled all the paths just fine and worked exactly like I expected it to.

I followed David Baumgold's tutorial on installing Wine with MacPorts. It took a little while (mostly waiting for the download and build processes, which the tutorial said would take a while) and worked great. Way better than the alternatives, even the ones that are designed for Mac. I found it worked better on Mac than either Araxis Merge or DiffMerge, and they have Mac specific versions (Araxis isn't as flexible and actually gave me a lot of errors for basic operations, while DiffMerge just doesn't come close in the feature department.)

Of course if you are on Windows then Beyond Compare is the first choice. I haven't used it on Linux, but expect it works well there too.


Extremely useful software

about Beyond Compare · ·

It requires some learning/tweaking but once you get the hang of it, comparing files and folders is not a hassle any more.


It is one of the best file and folder comparison tool. Exc ...

Comment by net_np
about Beyond Compare · Jun 2011 ·

It is one of the best file and folder comparison tool. Excellent feature, user friendly, advance feature that allow to control white-space, line-ending, time stamp, file size comparison, file pattern include/exclude, binary comparison, rule based comparison. it can ignore changes in code comments for source code files. provides 3-way comparison is awesome. It can compare images and provide visually diff. Session and workspace feature is excellent.


Unfortunately this one failed the "60 seconds to make yours ...

Comment by edrandall
about Beyond Compare · Jun 2011 ·

Unfortunately this one failed the "60 seconds to make yourself useful and not annoy me" test.
Doing a large directory tree comparison - it said many of the files were different, but when I individually clicked on a few and selected "Quick Compare" it then conceded that they are in fact the same. I don't have time to go through and do that for each file/directory individually, that's why I need a good tool.
Furthermore, I couldn't find any of the options to select "ignore whitespace differences" or "ignore line ending differences" that I need, further componding the number of phantom differences trhat I encountered.

You can tell it to automatically compare all the files to verify they are different or the same. The options to ignore whitespace differences and line endings are there. It is based on the different file types - you set rules for how different files are compared. For example in Python files the whitespace is significant, and Pascal files don't care about case, but C family libraries do. It has most of those common rules already in there though.