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    Commercial by | 1 Alternatives |
    Mac, Windows

    Provides presentation templates for business, 100% editable and compatible with PowerPoint. offers access to a fast-growing catalog of presentation templates including editable diagrams like...

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    GNU Privacy Assistant

    Open Source | 3 Alternatives |
    Windows, Linux

    The GNU Privacy Assistant (GPA) is a graphical user interface for the GnuPG (GNU Privacy Guard). GPA utilizes GTK+ (the GIMP Tool Kit) and compiles for various platforms.

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    Open Source by | 6 Alternatives |
    Mac, Windows, Linux, BSD

    advscan is a command line utility for maintaining a zipped archive of roms and samples for AdvanceMAME, AdvanceMESS and any other MAME derivative emulator. The goal of advscan is to obtain a complete and...

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    Free | 6 Alternatives |

    CLRMame is a set of tools that manages your rom filles. Nearly all emulators use rom files to store their games. What CLRMame does is to check all of the individual rom files against a data file to make sure...

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    JBoss Seam

    Free by JBoss | 1 Alternatives |
    Windows, Linux, CUBA.platform

    Seam is a powerful open source development platform for building rich Internet applications in Java. Seam integrates technologies such as Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX), JavaServer Faces (JSF), Java...

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    Sila Games

    Free by SilaGames | 10 Alternatives |
    Mac, Windows, Linux

    Sila Games is a digital distribution platform for PC and Mac games. You can find lots of deals every week in some of the best games from 2K, Paradox, Nordic, Atari, SEGA, Daedalic and much more.

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    Freemium by Red 5 | 1 Alternatives |
    Windows, Web / Cloud

    Firefall is a dynamic, open-world MMO shooter with limitless exploration of a vast future Earth, rewarding skilled players as they progress through a deep story. Players will be able to customize their...

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