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    Freemium by Escape Media Group | 130 Alternatives |
    Mac, iPhone, Windows, Android, Web / Cloud, S60, HP webOS, Blackberry

    Grooveshark is a free, internationally-available music streaming service and song recommendation engine. It allows users to search for, stream, and upload music, free of charge.

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    Free by TeamSnap | 8 Alternatives |
    iPhone, iPad, Android + Tablet, Web / Cloud, Blackberry

    TeamSnap is an application for group or team management help. Focus on team development and coaching, and let this management app help with the day-to-day organization and communication of a team or group.

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    Inhouse Social Media

    Free | 1 Alternatives |
    Mac, iPhone, iPad, Windows, Windows Phone, Android + Tablet, Linux, Web / Cloud, Self-Hosted
     +2 more

    InHouse Social Media is a Social Media Marketing Company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We provide social media services to local and international businesses based in Vancouver and Canada. Our...

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    Freemium by emaze | 17 Alternatives |
    Mac, iPhone, iPad, Windows, Windows Phone, Android + Tablet, Web / Cloud, Self-Hosted
     +3 more

    emaze is the next generation of online presentation software. emaze allows you to create a well designed presentation without having to be a designer. Simply select any of our free professionally designed...

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    Commercial by Lightstreamer | 3 Alternatives |
    Mac, iPhone, iPad, Windows, Windows RT, Windows Phone, Android + Tablet, Linux, Self-Hosted
     +2 more

    Lightstreamer is a server for delivering real-time messages to browser-based and mobile applications, using WebSockets and HTTP. Features include dynamic throttling, bandwidth and frequency control, delta...

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    Freemium by Aomata LLC. | 45 Alternatives |
    iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Android + Tablet, Java Mobile, Blackberry

    SmartIO is an amazing mobile application which provides wireless based content transfer solution for Smartphones, Tablets and basic telephone sets. SmartIO helps user to transfer data to any other...

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    Commercial | 20 Alternatives |
    Mac, iPad, Windows, Android + Tablet, Linux, Web / Cloud
     +2 more

    Cloud based intelligent Sales CRM system for small and mid-size teams. With its’ simple yet playful interface, Teamgate is a great tool for everyone. Intelligent aspect of the system gives a salesman most...

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