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WhatsApp have been caught lying about the privacy of your messages.

about WhatsApp Messenger and Facebook · · 1 Helpful

WhatsApp have claimed that they implement secure end-to-end encryption, which is intended to allow only the sender and recipient of a message to be able to read it. It has now been discovered that this is not in fact true. It looks as though WhatsApp intentionally weakened the way they implement the cryptography in order to enable "backdoor" access to transmitted messages.

For more information, see here:

For altenatives and a longer explanation, click the Reviews tab and see my review there.

""WhatsApp have been caught lying about the privacy of your messages.""

oh,no...this can't be true (!) ... facebook is not a liar, it is your friend! Helps you connect to others(!) ( :D )

  • this was not a secret, only naive people thought that such a hyped bullsh!t software is trustworthy. and believe me they will use it after this, they do not care
  • the next "big news" will be: microsoft, google & ALL u.s based corp. do the same...

I think they have already made a statement:

  • "WE" found a security "BUG", the next release will fix this, stay with us, we work hard for your privacy...bla,bla,bla

very goog

about WhatsApp Messenger · ·

very good and easy to use app. it gets helpful updates regularly and now also has video calling (even though the quality isn't so impressive).



about WhatsApp Messenger and Hangouts, Viber · ·

Best cross-platform mobile messaging app. This is a free app that uses the least data. The new update of WhatsApp gives a video calling feature, too. This app provides end-to-encryption facility for ultimate privacy. Available for all platforms and requires no special permissions.


best messenger app

about WhatsApp Messenger · · -1 Helpful

i think this one over here its the best messenger app. Have everthing you need and its really friendly. 10 points.


Yes It's Time To Ditch WhatsApp!

about WhatsApp Messenger · · 1 Helpful

Following today's announcement that WhatsApp plans to "..begin sharing more data with Facebook and will start letting some companies send messages to users.", it's high-time to look elsewhere and ditch WhatsApp for good.

There is an opt-out procedure, but can we trust facebook?


WhatsApp users to receive adverts

How do I choose not to share my account information with Facebook to improve my Facebook ads and products experiences?


The complete commnuication app

about WhatsApp Messenger · ·

With its simple interface and cross platform compatibility, Whatsapp has become the best communication app for me. I no longer have to use three different apps to do what I want, but rather, stick to one. I have been using many communication apps and Whatsapp was the one that stuck through the years. No need to add users by usernames no one remembers, but rather by phone numbers. Very simple, clean interface that does not lag or slow down your phone, plus, doesn't discriminate over OS. Latest feature, Whatsapp calls, makes it complete.


are they really going to start charging for this?

Comment by anikathompson9
about WhatsApp Messenger · Jan 2016 · 1 Helpful

i have read that now you have just one year for free and then you have to pay like a dollar, i know it's not much but i wanted to be sure if this is for real... the app works fine i think there wouldn't be a problem in paying but i wanted to know.. if it has been free all this time... should stay like that :D

[Edited by anikathompson9, January 11]

As of last month, is Whatsapp is now free FOREVER. It used to be free for the first month and then $1 each consecutive year.


no privacy anymore

about WhatsApp Messenger · · -1 Helpful

i liked it before it became so public, now everyone can see if you read it, if you herd the audio and everything, some of that you can set it so that no one sees it but its not the same, i hate the lack of privacy


No Web Client

Comment by brinerustle
about WhatsApp Messenger · Oct 2015 · 1 Helpful

Whatsapp does not have a web client, do not be mislead by the seeming web utility mentioned at

The app acannot be used by a computer without android or some other phone OS.


What about Dasher?

Comment by futurismo
about WhatsApp Messenger and Dasher Messenger · Jun 2015 ·

I'm hooked on Small Dasher Messenger iconDasher Messenger. It's Whatsapp on crack!

[Edited by Venom88, July 01]


Facebook partnership sets it apart

about WhatsApp Messenger · ·

There are other apps that do the same thing as WhatsApp and they do not charge a $1/yr subscription fee. What may end up setting WhatsApp apart from the rest is its partnership with facebook.


Free for one year

Comment by Anael
about WhatsApp Messenger and KakaoTalk, LINE · Jan 2014 ·

Then you have to pay ~1$ a year.
It's not much. I'm ok to pay for softwares I like.
But on the other hand KakaoTalk and LINE do the same thing, plus calls, for free...


Do not use this app; it has a history of security problems.

about WhatsApp Messenger · ·

WhatsApp has had a history of security problems, and the development team has demonstrated repeatedly that they could not care less, so this app might never be secure. Here's more info, if you are interested: