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The best Free music prod software (DAW)

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It's full of features, though the downside is that u can input notes in into the piano roll directly, only using a Midi Keyboard or 'Virtual Midi keyboard' using 'loopMIDI'


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About 3.2.1 (lastest free version on 28.08.2020):
DAW works good on 8 inch tablet PC (1280x800, Intel Atom Bay Trail 4 core processor with integrated GPU, 1,33-1,80 GHz, 2 Gb RAM, eMMC storage) using Windows 8.1 (32-bit). Customisible and responsive UI. Touch might be used, but preferably with keyboard and mouse). Undo/redo for every (if I remembered correctly) editor separately. VST plugins support. Tracks and VSTs are not limmeted. Have tools for midi editting. Input midi events by pensil tool, piano roll or using midi keyboard. Midi CC (sustain pedal, etc.) and Automation actions by default are created on a child track. Wave editor (basic). Active tool can be switched using keyboard modifiers (Ctrl, Alt, Shift) combinations. Free version might be used for commercial purposes.
Realtime processing of VST plugins limitation (using only one core) can be partially removed with bounce feature (online/offline), which (as far as I know) uses all available cores.


  • natively works only in Windows ecosystem (it probably works on Linux through Wine though, not checked);
  • multi-take recording for midi is missing;
  • old version (last free was 11.03.2014) and a problems that it causes (some bugs that you learn to stay away from, support of some current VSTs, etc.).