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Should be the example of how to compete with iTunes, but falls short.

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I tried out the software just for the music - it's an awesome breath of fresh air. While all the other desktop music players are aiming for the iTunes grid model, the Zune Software kind of gives that model the middle finger. For once I am happy to see some software bloat put to good use.

Unfortunately, it all falls apart when you realize it only works with Zune. If Microsoft allowed syncing with other mp3 players possible (forget the ipod) it would be great. Heck, it could even replace the Windows Media Player.


Actually the Zune software is not so great. Otherwise Microsoft would not stop it and used Xbox 360 Music to replace it. By the way, anyone who has the DRMed digital media contents from Zune or iTunes, this program can make the protected media files DRM-free.

Xbox Music was total trash, so don't blow off Zune as mediocre simply because it was axed in favor of something else. Now Xbox Music is old news and the current media player is "Groove Music." Xbox Music's reign as Microsoft's Music service was much, much shorter than Zune's. I think that says something.
Zune IS that great. I still use the desktop software, and I never touch groove music/xbox music, since they simply DO NOT WORK (seriously, they're both riddled with bugs).