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Feels archaic and is a pain in the ass to configure, but it's by far the most stable solution I've used so far (Linux).


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Far too complicated to set up. I gave up even trying to start setting it up by reading through their Wiki. The guides there are outdated, confusingly written and jump from one topic to another without explaining it in depth enough for beginners of this software to set up.
Sadly seems like the only good option left when it comes to free surveillance software tho and yet I can't use it...


Works if you can get and keep it running

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(Linux OS) Setting up ZM is not for the faint of heart. First off, it's all web/browser based and has a lot of dependencies (apache, MySQL, etc.) If the web page doesn't display you'll have to resort to command-line configuration editing, which is painstaking due to the way the software is designed. Secondly, the camera image files are saved deep within subdirectories making them difficult to find when not using the web-based GUI.

I'd love to find a similar alternative for Linux (have one for Windows--iSpy).


Here is an alternative answering your woes 3 years later. Not as robust yet, but getting there. https://moeiscool.github.io/Shinobi/