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Zoho delivers everything GMail does + more!
If you setup a free business account with your custom-domain - you have awesome user defined spam control capabilities and the web-interface is simply an eye-candy <3

Please Note:
The sending IP address of Zoho Mail ( is listed on none, none (0 of 130) DNSBL (DNS Blacklist)!
While the sending IP addess of Gmail ( is listed on 8 out of 130 Spam Filter Lists (because Gmail is being misused by a lot of Spamers)!
This easily results into your Email NOT getting delivered at your destination!!!
Zoho on the other hand always delivers!
I am speaking from experience.


Very good service now

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It is now almost 2 years since landroni's comments and I can say, as a zoho mail user, the reliability issues have largely gone away. Zoho is now a very robust platform. Is it perfect? Probably not - but is anything truly perfect in this imperfect world? Actually, if Zoho still has faults, I'm not aware of any - though I haven't been looking for any. I use it as my primary personal email and am very satisfied.

Originally I turned to it simply because I wanted an email address that was different than everyone else (gmail, yahoo, etc.). Zoho.com is short, easy to type and easy to remember. So I tried it and, after the period of poor reliability a couple of years ago, am now very satisfied.

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No ads. Constantly adding new features. Reliable and user-friendly.

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They sell user details to third party companies without permission.

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attractive looks
great features
easy to go.
but i fail to sync it with thunderbird. I tried the same with my gmail and yahoo. only zoho had to case an error. otherwise a brilliant mail provider in all senses.


Agreed that its really easy and attractive.
I've found Hop email to even be another enhancement to email. It works directly on top of existing email and enhances the capabilities of what can be done.
Check it out, its free