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Very good service now

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It is now almost 2 years since landroni's comments and I can say, as a zoho mail user, the reliability issues have largely gone away. Zoho is now a very robust platform. Is it perfect? Probably not - but is anything truly perfect in this imperfect world? Actually, if Zoho still has faults, I'm not aware of any - though I haven't been looking for any. I use it as my primary personal email and am very satisfied.

Originally I turned to it simply because I wanted an email address that was different than everyone else (gmail, yahoo, etc.). Zoho.com is short, easy to type and easy to remember. So I tried it and, after the period of poor reliability a couple of years ago, am now very satisfied.

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attractive looks
great features
easy to go.
but i fail to sync it with thunderbird. I tried the same with my gmail and yahoo. only zoho had to case an error. otherwise a brilliant mail provider in all senses.

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Zoho delivers everything GMail does + more!
If you setup a free business account with your custom-domain - you have awesome user defined spam control capabilities and the web-interface is simply an eye-candy <3

Please Note:
The sending IP address of Zoho Mail ( is listed on none, none (0 of 130) DNSBL (DNS Blacklist)!
While the sending IP addess of Gmail ( is listed on 8 out of 130 Spam Filter Lists (because Gmail is being misused by a lot of Spamers)!
This easily results into your Email NOT getting delivered at your destination!!!
Zoho on the other hand always delivers!
I am speaking from experience.


iOS version available for Zoho mail

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