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Zimbra as alternative to Evolution (Linux 64-bit)

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I installed this application just to try it, as I do not like GNOME politics so much. I believe in the configurability of applications.

Zimbra is extremely difficult to install under a 64-bit linux (debian). To begin with it requires the obsolete ia32-libs package.

I managed to get around this by installing various other i386 package in multi-arch, but it still failed until I traced the program to see what it was looking for.

Once I installed the other dependencies it still hung until I put a 32-bit java JRE in my PATH ahead of the normal 64-bit version. This was just a guess on my part after I tried a lot of other things.

Short answer, if you are on a 32-bit system, this might actually work. The interface is nice if a bit slow, and I would like it better than evolution if it didn't require so much mess.

I have to recommend against zimbra desktop under linux until it's updated to deal with modern installations on modern hardware.



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on the publisher's download page, I can read today: The Zimbra Desktop is no longer supported. It will reach the end of Technical Guidance October 1, 2019.