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Privacy tip: Use Zim with Cryptomator

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If you would like to sync your Zim wiki database between computers, but don't want to have the plain text version synced (e.g. because of Dropbox/GoogleDrive/OneDrive/Box privacy concerns), you can always save your Zim database file in an encrypted Vault using the excellent open source and cross-platform app Cryptomator.

Otherwise, you can sync using Spideroak, Tresorit, or pCloud's encrypted folder. All of these are end-to-end encrypted.

An additional benefit of using Cryptomator is that you can close Zim, lock the vault in Cryptomator and other users on the same computer won't be able to open or access your Zim database contents.

This solution should be included on the Zim FAQ page, which says that you can't have encryption. This is an easy and convenient solution.


Please send a mail to the devs, this is indeed a very good idea! Thank you for the report!

Awesome note taking app

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I have transferred all my notes onto this app, which took me some time, but it was worth the sweat. This app is amazing, the inline preview (displaying nice widgets instantly as you type markup) is really amazing to efficiently take formatted note without breaking your momentum. Also, the Table of Content plugin allows to quickly navigate inside a document, and this has proven invaluable to navigate inside my very long notes. The application is also very stable and relatively memory lightweight (2 processes ~ 30MB total) given it renders all kinds of widgets and support multi-documents.


Comparing Zim to WikidPad

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Speaking of more or less notable feature differences. So, Wikidpad has got anchors, and can also make insertions (you insert content of one page into other, and it updates dynamically when you make changes to the page you inserted content from).
Zim hasn't got this; anchors are planned, but the works for them haven't even started yet.

On the other hand, Zim doesn't have HTML and preview modes, you work in one unified mode; no distorting of downscaled images; somewhat easier and faster work as you don't have to write code.

My personal verdict: if you don't yet have your wikis\notes, then Zim will be easier and faster start. But if you use WikidPad for a long time already and have lots of experience with it - no sense in switching to Zim, as WikidPad has slighly more capabilities.



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Great program! Thank you.


Lots of potential, but a memory hog

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I gave this a thorough run-through today to see whether it can replace TreePad Lite, which I've been using for over a decade but is getting a little long in the tooth.

Zim is very flexible, especially when you enable the plugins that it supports (my favorite is the Arithmetic plugin that allows inline calculations, e.g., enter "1+1=" and press F5 to get the calculated result). I also like that Zim handles the formatting automatically so you can just focus on the content (e.g., begin a line with "*" or "1." and it will be formatted as a bulleted or numbered list, respectively).

Being a true wiki editor, linking in Zim is as simple as dragging a page (akin to a node in a tree) from the left pane into the document in the right pane (you can also enter a term in CamelCase and it will automatically link). The linkage works both ways, so if you delete a page that has a backlink, all backlinks pointing to it will also get unlinked.

In the end, I decided that Zim was way too powerful for my needs, which is basically organizing notes in a tree view. The price you pay for all this power is memory consumption: this program is pretty heavy. I installed the portableapps.com version and noticed that even when sitting idle it consumes three processes (two Zim processes and one portableapps.com process) totaling about 30 MB. This is way too much for an app that I intend to have running all the time to keep plain text notes. My search for TreePad's replacement continues...


Hmm. Only 30 MB? I have 32Gb of RAM ;)

UPDATE: My search has ended. I'm now a very happy Small KeyNote NF iconKeyNote NF Beta user :-)

I finally decided on Small My Notes Keeper iconMy Notes Keeper

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But still needs some development. For example in shorcuts to add links, equations etc.
The nested number list also needs improvements. Numbering/ordering does not work correctly every time.

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Its simple and easy to use. Been cross platform is a huge plus and with it just using text files, it can be synced easily with the likes of dropbox. It is now on my list of most have software, which I have set up within Zim.


Review of Zim, switching from Wikidpad

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I have tried out different notetaking software for Windows.
These have I found interesting:
KeyNote NF
Microsoft One Note

I like the wiki concept and for me it stands between Zim and Wikidpad.
Both are great. Biggest difference is that in Wikidpad all files are stored in one folder. While Zim allows user to use sub-folders.
Not using sub-folders is easier, but requires that all links have unique names.

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Simple and practical

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Extremely practical for organizing small notes such as todo-lists and reminders that can be linked.
Saves as plain text files which can be opened by a simple text editor and synchronized with another piece of software.
It has nice plugins for diagrams and math formulas.

I use it with Syncthing which synchronizes my documents across my devices, and Turbo Editor on my Android phone and tablet.



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Thank you!


Didn't like that it automatically alphabetizes the hierarchical list.

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every time one creates a new page and there doesn't seem to be any way to change this behavior.


No you cannot, but when you open your notes, the tabs at the top will stay in the order you opened the notes (except if you click again on a note in the left pane). So if you want to keep your notes ordered by the time you opened them, use the tabs.