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My review is from a free user perspective.
There is not much to complain on, it is a good product.
For me I could not use it anymore, because they have the Chat badge.
Chat badge is not the button or icon.
It is designed to annoy free customers, I guess.
If you minimize the chat badge then it becomes a perfectly nice chat button, that I would like to see.
It is also possible to disable the chat badege, but this option is greyed out for free customers.
So the badge pops up. and the badge is just nothing more than a larger chat button with some text and an icon, if you choose so. The real chat widget pops up if you press either on chat button or chat badge.

It allows only one agent for free accounts unlike tawk.to

At least for free user it does not tell you the signed in customer account name, like Tawk.to does or even if they are logged in. It does show, however on which page the user currently is.

For free user it also does not show half-typed text that the customer types before they send it away, like tawk.to does.

One very good thing is that you can choose the branding color of your liking, unlike tawk.to, where you have to find a provided bubble from a bubble list, that about matches your colors and then tell the app to use the bubble colors as a workaround.

Until the bubble color workaround is there for tawk.to, I am not looking back. Many agents for free is a good feature and so is not having the annoying badge. However, if I loose my worked-around-to-get colors, I am back with zendesk chat badge terror. Just because branding colors are important for me. Or maybe there is more real competition by that time, if that time ever comes.