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Are you Seriously KIDDING ME ?! ? ?

{ Please Note:: I had NEVER Even HEARD of This Program Before This Install ! }

Okay, so this installs more than 20 Megabytes onto my Computer;
And it makes about 44 FRILLION Registry Entries (For a scheduler ??).

And Then, after it FINALLY makes all these changes to my computer,
Then it CONCLUDES by Popping Up this TINY MessageBox that states--IN GERMAN::
"This Program is EXPIRED!"
And EVERY Attempt to start this program results ONLY in this TINY MessageBox::
"This Program is EXPIRED!"
(For which I had to go online to get this idiot MessageBox Translated.)

Simply Save Yourself AND YOUR COMPUTER a TON of Hassle & Garbage,
and RUN (do Not Walk) from this monstrosity ! !


Many thanks Chuck7. It's software like this that most annoys me, and many other people as well, I guess. They've certainly got a hide, offering a program for free, claiming it will save users time by scheduling tasks, and then making it unusable. More power to you.