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It's functional in Windows. I did not test it in Linux. In terms of functionality for a writer, it has issues, and I should explain.

yWriter forces the user into a particular organizational style. However, where in some other writing programs a user can re-organize to a level deeper (or 2 or more levels deeper) on the fly, yWriter forces the user into Project, Chapters, Scenes. There are no other options. One cannot create subchapters in chapters with this program.

It does not have an outline mode. However, if you can organize your work in the spreadsheet style it uses, then this might be for you.

It is functional. You can probably import Scrivener's content.rtf files into it (it groks RTF). And it has features other programs don't (in this scene: characters, locations, items, etc).

But it's clunky. The interface is almost entirely menu-driven. It has few keyboard shortcuts by default, and there is evidently no way to set more, or to change the ones that exist.

It is free (donation-ware; please donate if you use it), and that's a huge plus for some people.

If I were to advise the programmer on things to improve, I'd say first improve the interface. It needs an outline mode. After that, improve the outline capabilities.

In terms of a rating, I have to give it a 3, because everything works, and everything it does is useful. But it's clunky, and it's missing an outline mode. Those are two major detractors.


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literally the most robust novel outliner released...
the only minus perhaps on the current stable version(6) is the lack of trash folder or at least a way to easily organize unused file(image), because it still presist in drive...


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Fast and uncomplicated. Built-in editor needs improvement, nevertheless fully functional