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Yumpu is another of the few good and reliable ones. The two cons are they cut back for free users to limit 5 uploads a day, which isn't bad. And 2, if your pdf's pages aren't all the same size it can come out f***ed up looking, like pages/words being cut off

*UPDATE: I just found out that webkiosk is no longer available to free users. I've been using it for a couple years now and then boom I'm cut off just like that, let's hope that greed doesn't take down another one.

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Some of you, likely, have a PDF that you've printed as a booklet and would like to turn into a book experience online. I uploaded a PDF with 12 booklet pages—6 physical pages, 8.5" by 11", landscape—while I was not surprised that Yumpu couldn't guess or intuit my pagination, it presented spreads instead of pages. So, on my first go, I see saw four booklet pages as I flipped through the Yumpu presentation. That's like a book that opens to be 24" wide.

Pagination management of any kind on the document uploaded to Yumpu is a paid feature. This leaves free users with the option of tweaking their design to fit the tool. My end game is to embed my booklets for a portfolio. I'm not sold enough on the tool to create reformatted documents for only this purpose. But, I did purposely upload what I considered a difficult document. They may have documentation on optimizing a document.

Three stars: The default presentation of the electronic book seemed handsome enough, although slow—which may well be because of the large pages per its rendering of my PDF. The interface is easy and the Terms of Service are straightforward. I didn't see any documentation straightaway. Unless you spend time learning, you'll need to get a paid plan. For the money, there are other more web-focused alternatives in which I, personally, would rather invest like turn.js.