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YouTube-dl in its own right is a great application, and Youtube-DLG just makes the experience even better. For those, like myself, who are too lazy to user a command line sometimes, or for those who don't even want to be bothered with it, YouTube-DLG will allow you to reap all the benefits of YouTube-dl in a noob-friendly way.

My only complaint is that sometimes videos just inexplicably fail to download, though whether this is a YouTube-dl, YouTube-DLG, or just YouTube issue is unknown.

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Amazing! A easy to use application. No more malicious popup ads from quote on quote "Microsoft" that says "we will lock up you computer due to bad virus. call now before we lock up you computer." from that sketchy Youtube downloader site. All that it is is a simple GUI where you feed it the Youtube link, click Download and you're ready to go!