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YouTube Bulk Uploader for the Lazy is a Scam

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If you wander around the Internet you'll notice that all of the good reviews for this piece of garbage are obviously written by the developer behind it. It doesn't actually work, and there are no refunds. The developer thinks it's funny, how many people have asked for refunds. They want to get paid, and don't care if it works or not. Be smart, people, and don't download it -- find another way.


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This software is a scam. It is .net, arrives in a zip file, has zero error messaging, and has to be run as admin. Beware. Who knows what the author is inserting into your system. Even if you run it as admin, it doesn't work and the seller gives zero help or refunds. His "debugging" is asking you to send screenshots of your activity and then making up things that prevent your system from working. How about readable error messages rather than stack traces when your software crashes? How about log files? Are you in high school writing software on your momma's computer? I think so. On cnet he claims he will refund money for unhappy customers. This is not true. He refuses and then tells paypal lies to keep the $25 he scammed off of you. If you are on windows 10 don't buy this crap. Also, due to youtube API quota limitations, you will only be able to upload 5 or 6 videos per day anyway. This software is a fraud. Don't fall for it like I unfortunately did. Oh, also, in the zip file, no file has been changed since 2016 even though his website seems to indicate the software is recent;y updated. It isn't. In fact the "last updated date" is a javascript that inserts the current month. I found this out after the fact unfortunately.


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Version 4.0 now released! 8 years and going strong!! 1000+'s of active users. Full product demonstrations available on YouTube.