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Yaware.TimeTracker Reviews

Yaware.TimeTracker Review

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As I’m a big fan of any app designed to speed up work, I considered using a time tracker some time ago. Yaware.TimeTracker was one of the tools I came across.

I’d say it’s a good app to track the time. What I like about it is that it’s automatic. It starts tracking the time once I turn on the computer so a good side of it is that you don’t have to remember about timers.

It’s web-based which is really convenient as the stats are available online so I just view them on my iPad.

I’ve also set up daily notifications via mobile to check out the reports. I’ve found this useful because I can see the full overview of my day: what tasks I was performing, for how long, which apps I used and whether I can keep up with the daily plan.

One more good thing about Yaware.TimeTracker is that it categorizes the apps and sites. There are 3 categories: productive, unproductive and neutral. I just used the categorization the app makes automatically to save my time but did some minor tweaks (like specifying that social media are productive as I use them at work).

I liked this feature of Yaware.TimeTracker most of all. Plenty of other time tracking apps don’t have it. Meanwhile, it’s pretty good because it’s easier to view the reports. You can quickly check out how much time is productive/unproductive.

What I don’t like about the app is that it doesn’t have features for project management. So you’ve got to figure out another way to track things like projects, tasks and stuff like that.

Still, this is a good, reliable app to track the time and I’d say that its current features outweigh lack of project management features.