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Yandex is great, long time user. Free email and storage, kind of like a smaller google.


One of the better low end online storage options

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I've been using this for awhile now. I like it better than my Google Drive and my Dropbox.


  • Speed is reasonable.

  • Buying more storage is really cheap.

  • Nice referral program, your friends gain 1gb for being refereed, you gain 512mb for referring them. Dropbox only gives you 250mb. That's less than a pittance, may as well be snail mailing me 3.5 inch floppies.

  • Easy to use, can even be mapped as a network drive in windows, folder and file sharing can be set and removed easy. I can link directly to a folder, and have my friend see the files inside rather than having to one by one share each file.


  • Low startup size. 10gb, which is 5gb less than Google Drive, MS One Drive, and several others.

  • Your friends may repeatedly make KGB and or "in Russia" jokes anytime you say "it's on my yandex disk".

Other thoughts:

  • The email service is pretty decent too. Comparable to Google in features, and loads fast.

  • I don't see people mention the NSA every time I link to Google, so I don't think there is any merit in discussing weather or not the Russian government cares about your photo album or whatever else you store in your yandex.disk account.

  • As cheap as physical storage is these days, I think all these services should crank up the storage size while dropping their price per GiB...Even 15gb isn't all that much these days, and they could be making more money off added value services connected to these storage spaces than they do milking you for extra space. As a matter of fact, several of these services talk about live online backups as a selling point when in fact most of them just act as a spare drive. A really small spare drive. They could be doing so much more with this, like diff'd backups on the server side (like an SVN or GIT repo built into your drive app). A few services do have something like that, but it is not common. It should be.

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> Your friends may repeatedly make KGB and or "in Russia" jokes anytime you say "it's on my yandex disk".

Lol, I have a story about that.

My friends and I frequently use Lightshot to quickly share screenshots with each other, but I discovered Yandex.Disk and had begun using it for its screenshots feature. The first time that I sent a screenshot using this feature, I did so via Steam. Steam, if you don't know, is big on the whole "absolute security" thing and warns people through a redirect that they've clicked on a link from an outside source (the horror! :O). My friend had just had a run-in with malware received from a link he followed through Steam, and was thus skeptical of any links from Steam. So he looked at the link, noticed that he didn't recognize it, and said he wouldn't click on it. So now I still have Lightshot installed just for him.

Edit: Although I still have Lightshot installed, I first take a screenshot using Yandex and then take a screenshot of that screenshot using Lightshot (if I used Yandex to edit the screenshot) before I send it to him.

But he's not very inclined to learn about services that aren't Google, so I doubt he's even aware it was a Yandex link (or that he's even heard of Yandex). But I'm going to steal that counter argument about the NSA should it ever arise; thanks for that :D

> The email service is pretty decent too. Comparable to Google in features, and loads fast.

+1 I now use Yandex for my personal emails.

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Yandex.Disk is service ran by Yandex, a Russian version of home brewed Google alternative. You get a generous 10GB of free-storage. This is generous given how you only get 5GB with OneDrive or 15GB with Google Drive (the 15GB storage is total storage that counts your Photos and Email usage against storage quote).

For the sake of this review I will comparing Yandex.Disk to Google Drive as they are similar in nature and feature base.

Both Yandex.Disk and Google Drive share similar Sharing and Access policies. The UI of Yandex.Disk is very clean and I personally like it more then Google Drive. Like Google Drive you can also create Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations. Unlike Google, Yandex does not use a "custom" suite of Office applications. Instead you are given Microsoft "suite" of Office applications.

Essentially the office "suite" is the same once you can use at office.live.com or OneDrive. The preferences are up to the users, but I think Microsoft's Online Office suite is a much better option since Office is the better Office utility out there (this is personal view after testing a number of Office solutions).

Unlike Google, Yandex does not have Photos storage per say like Google Photos. Where Google Photos has it's own separate application and web application from Google Drive, Yandex does not. However, if you enable "Auto Upload" you can uploaded "Unlimited amount of Photos" to the Yandex.Disk. This Photos will appear along with all your other uploaded photos in Yandex.Disk, unfortunately there is no Camera Roll or Auto Upload folder, so viewing them will pull up "all" images you uploaded to Yandex.Disk, this is a pretty poor design flaw since such should have there own user accessible folder.

The other portion is that if you want to upload "videos" to "Unlimited" storage you will need to pay up. Google does not have such limitation with Photos, granted Videos still count against your storage quote but as long as you choose Reduced Quality you can upload all the photos you want.

Outside of that there aren't any major differences I can think off. Outside of Google Disk is ran by a US based company, Yandex.Disk is ran by Russia based company. That automatically apply's applicable local laws. You also have to understand that just as Google sharing your data with NSA, Yandex will do the same with Russians FSB (KGB) counterpart.


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> What do you think about Yandex.Disk?

I think Yandex.DISK it's a Russian government project for collecting, analyzing, and using their users and their data as a resource for their own goals.

What do you need to know about Yandex.Disk in a few words?

  • Yandex officially operated company by the Russian Government with direct access to all of your files from police and other local authorities.
  • Yandex belongs to Sberbank (Russia), Sberbank, it's Russian national bank (belongs to the Russian Federation), which means Yandex belongs officially to Russia.
  • Yandex is the most insecure storage that you can even find on the internet. Most insecure. Much more comfortable will be sending data directly to the police department, instead of them.
  • You must know that a lot of people are already jailed for using "like & comment" functions in social networks and not only because of these services.

Let's talk about apps:

  • they can corrupt your files. And this happened several times
  • they have a limited upload limit up to 5gb per file or like that (even less). If you want to download more - you are forced to sign up with phone number confirmation.
  • very frequently on their international page (or to be honest 90 times from 100), you will be asked to log in or manipulated to create an account on their service via different methods.
  • On the international page, you can easy to see for international visitors Russian-based captcha. Yes, yes, Russian characters on the global site. And how visitors suppose to solve? You're right - impossible to solve it.
  • Their phone apps automatically upload all data that you have to their services. If for some reason you have ANY of Yandex service on your phone, and the app authorized, that means ALL OTHER STAND-ALONE APPS BUT DEVELOPED BY YANDEX will automatically approved and will be able to do different stuff in the background, like uploading photos, or doing actions THAT NOT PERMITTED TO DO.
  • Their services are blocked in several countries because of espionage. This is around ~70-110 million of people around the globe who can't access their services.
  • Their data centers are located mostly in Russia, but some part of them in the EU. No servers in SEA or Americas regions. Speeds for downloading / uploading data from elsewhere outside the EU / Russia will be slow.

Very frequently, you will see technical issues on their side, but you will not be able to contact their support at all. They have automatic robotic forms, but the only way to reach their help it's a phone call. Where on the phone number, they will tell you to open a link with the robotic form, which will, as previously, do nothing for you to solve a problem. And this is a complete circle. So there is no support at all. If you are lost access or pass, be sure you forgot your account forever, even if you have recovery questions and answers.


Summary: avoid Yandex, try anything else that you prefer. This is a serious company personally for you. How is it dangerous? This depends on who you're, what you are doing, and what files you plan to store on their buggy and crappy file storage.


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I am writing to Turkey. There is a rumor that the government has access to all of its data and uses it in accordance with its own interests.


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I, too was using Yandex.Disk app and other Yandex services on my Android phone. That is, until the Yandex.Disk app decided to upload all my photos, from my phone, to their servers! Yes, Yandex stole my photos ! (No I had not enabled any such option. No, I had not just installed or updated the Yandex.Disk app). Simply, one night, the Yandex.Disk app decided, or was told, to fetch all my phone photos. Don't know what the Yandex people were thinking...

After that, I uninstalled all Yandex apps from my phone. I will still be using their online services... But, WARNING, keep away from any of Yandex apps !