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Yandex is great, long time user. Free email and storage, kind of like a smaller google.


One of the better low end online storage options

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I've been using this for awhile now. I like it better than my Google Drive and my Dropbox.


  • Speed is reasonable.

  • Buying more storage is really cheap.

  • Nice referral program, your friends gain 1gb for being refereed, you gain 512mb for referring them. Dropbox only gives you 250mb. That's less than a pittance, may as well be snail mailing me 3.5 inch floppies.

  • Easy to use, can even be mapped as a network drive in windows, folder and file sharing can be set and removed easy. I can link directly to a folder, and have my friend see the files inside rather than having to one by one share each file.


  • Low startup size. 10gb, which is 5gb less than Google Drive, MS One Drive, and several others.

  • Your friends may repeatedly make KGB and or "in Russia" jokes anytime you say "it's on my yandex disk".

Other thoughts:

  • The email service is pretty decent too. Comparable to Google in features, and loads fast.

  • I don't see people mention the NSA every time I link to Google, so I don't think there is any merit in discussing weather or not the Russian government cares about your photo album or whatever else you store in your yandex.disk account.

  • As cheap as physical storage is these days, I think all these services should crank up the storage size while dropping their price per GiB...Even 15gb isn't all that much these days, and they could be making more money off added value services connected to these storage spaces than they do milking you for extra space. As a matter of fact, several of these services talk about live online backups as a selling point when in fact most of them just act as a spare drive. A really small spare drive. They could be doing so much more with this, like diff'd backups on the server side (like an SVN or GIT repo built into your drive app). A few services do have something like that, but it is not common. It should be.

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> Your friends may repeatedly make KGB and or "in Russia" jokes anytime you say "it's on my yandex disk".

Lol, I have a story about that.

My friends and I frequently use Lightshot to quickly share screenshots with each other, but I discovered Yandex.Disk and had begun using it for its screenshots feature. The first time that I sent a screenshot using this feature, I did so via Steam. Steam, if you don't know, is big on the whole "absolute security" thing and warns people through a redirect that they've clicked on a link from an outside source (the horror! :O). My friend had just had a run-in with malware received from a link he followed through Steam, and was thus skeptical of any links from Steam. So he looked at the link, noticed that he didn't recognize it, and said he wouldn't click on it. So now I still have Lightshot installed just for him.

Edit: Although I still have Lightshot installed, I first take a screenshot using Yandex and then take a screenshot of that screenshot using Lightshot (if I used Yandex to edit the screenshot) before I send it to him.

But he's not very inclined to learn about services that aren't Google, so I doubt he's even aware it was a Yandex link (or that he's even heard of Yandex). But I'm going to steal that counter argument about the NSA should it ever arise; thanks for that :D

> The email service is pretty decent too. Comparable to Google in features, and loads fast.

+1 I now use Yandex for my personal emails.

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I, too was using Yandex.Disk app and other Yandex services on my Android phone. That is, until the Yandex.Disk app decided to upload all my photos, from my phone, to their servers! Yes, Yandex stole my photos ! (No I had not enabled any such option. No, I had not just installed or updated the Yandex.Disk app). Simply, one night, the Yandex.Disk app decided, or was told, to fetch all my phone photos. Don't know what the Yandex people were thinking...

After that, I uninstalled all Yandex apps from my phone. I will still be using their online services... But, WARNING, keep away from any of Yandex apps !


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I am writing to Turkey. There is a rumor that the government has access to all of its data and uses it in accordance with its own interests.