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I test a lot of browsers, but I keep using Yandex as my main browser for years now. It's clean looking and supports all Opera/Chrome extensions. It's fast and has some features built in. It's based on Chrome/Opera, but has a different, I think more convenient, user interface. Additional features: Turbo (compresses images & videos for slow connections), Protect: secures open wifi connections and goes into secure mode (no plugins etc), if you do banking. Reading mode, duplicate downloads recognition (you can choose to open instead of re-download) - in Chrome you automatically get duplicates. Animated background pictures. It has a real user support. You can ask questions and get response. Yandex ZEN is for News and works well also in German.
I also use the Android version, which can be used in combination with AdGuard. I consider it the best browser for Android and I tried a lot.
The German translation is existent, but not very good. Currently they don't have a community driven language program, so there are some weird German words in settings. But most of the translation is quite okay.
There are also some not useful things like the voice assistant and some interfaces to Russian services; but you can turn this off.
Recently they turned the home button option off (or I didn't find it) and the forward button doesn't always appear. But this are minor things.
Generally I would recommend everyone to al least test it. :-)


I totally agree with your review except the translator part. First let me say I'm Not a computer/Android wiz. I keep installing cause I love the app, But I keep uninstalling it cause of translation. Preinstalled google translator on phone. Every time different page comes up have to go thru Whole irritating process of translation to google. Is there any app or a way to make Yandex completely show English? If you are Anyone knows would be greatly appreciated. Also have you ever tried Mint browser and downloader? Main browser I use. Thanks again.

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Excellent alternative to Chrome with a lot of features. Fast, good looking and high customizable.


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Beautiful, rapidly evolving browser.
Now it have a voice assistant and most required built-in security solutions.
It looks very nice and does not load memory (originally used as a browser for a slow computer).
In my opinion, the best alternative to Chrome after Firefox.


Fast and secure

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+- Usability : Easy mouse gestures. No double click tabs to close (as many), location of favorites bar could be better.

  • Disk space : 500Mb! That's a lot.


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Since now, I always switched between Firefox and Chrome. I even tried Opera without success. When I used Yandex.Browser for the first time, I thought it wouldn't be much evoluted than Chrome. That was a surprise to me and currently I wait for the day of the linux release. So don't look to the nationality of the beast, just give it a try. ;) And you will see, any other can't beat it in speed test neither compatibility.


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it supports Linux, and has a lot of functions I like, like PiP player and click to go to top


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Because it's an innovative browser, fast, secure and user friendly. I think is a great project.


Cool browser

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It uses an outdated version of Chromium for now, but it looks really promising... and it has a comfortable UI. Also - like most Chromium-based browsers - you can install extensions for Chrome without problems, just click here and you're done :)


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Spyware browser. Controlled by FSB / FSO (Russian KGB), which support terrorism, separatism, aggression, occupation, etc. The browser is very bad and bounded to Yandex services very much.
Yandex shares ALL data about you with Russian forces and then they use these data against you.
Yandex banned in Ukraine because of spying, hacking attempts, etc.

Strongly do not recommend to use, if you care about your privacy.
Proof: https://www.rferl.org/a/ukraine-yandex-sbu-raids/28516331.html


Exactly, the browser is specifically designed to spy on Ukrainian patriots. Glory to Ukraine!

True. The YANDEX Browser is also an Agent for the Planet Mars. Who gives a good God Dam if the Russians know all about me and my interests? Let them eat their hearts out with jealousy. I am proud of who I am. What in Hell afire you afraid or ashamed of Buck o?