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Unfortunately, the developer of XXClone has passed away and newer versions of the program are time-limited. That means that newer versions of the program have stopped working and this website will be a big help in finding a replacement for XXClone. I'm only giving XXClone 3 stars because it's time limited.


Good Cloning software

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I have used XXClone & it is a good cloning software.
I cloned my C: drive with WIndows 8.1 on it to another empty partition F: drive on the same hard disk (~45 minutes depending on the size of the C: partition)
Then I ran the Make drive bootable from XXclone, & I suppose it did NOT work.
So I manually opened cmd as Administrator & type the following commands one by one:

a. bcdboot.exe F:\Windows - here the F: drive is the target drive for the clone.
b. bcdboot.exe F:\Windows /s F:

Running both the above commands made my F: drive Windows bootable & thus I had two bootable copies of the same OS in a DUAL BOOT configuration on the same laptop.

Good FREE alternative to CASPER software.


Wiped Out

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Usually I don't post comments related to software. Unless it has catastrophic consequences.

I've been using it for years on a XP machine and worked flawlessly. Used only once (ver2.07.2) on a new Win7 64 bit last year and did the job alright.
When tried again ( April 2016 ) I ran into a forced update message and downloaded ver 2.08.1.

What happened next is deeply concerning. Tremendous hard-drive thrashing noise on install, wiped out ( never to be found again in Bin on anywhere else ) 90% of installed .exe files , associated files and folders in Program Files, at least one more in Program Files(86) .

Hopefully I had a backup and managed to restore them. Not sure what caused it but on a quick search I stumbled upon similar comments on CNet. Either it's a new Windows protection against cloning or just buggy software, so far no warning or fix on XXClone's website.

This comment concerns only ver 2.08.1.


XXCLONE can actual handle newer Windows OS' too ... up to Server 2011

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Freeware Version: XP/Vista/Win7

Shareware plus: Win Servers 2003/2008/2011

Compare: http://www.xxclone.com/iproduct.htm

PS: A flawless working Tool to me since Years. =)