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XXCLONE can actual handle newer Windows OS' too ... up to Server 2011

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Freeware Version: XP/Vista/Win7

Shareware plus: Win Servers 2003/2008/2011

Compare: http://www.xxclone.com/iproduct.htm

PS: A flawless working Tool to me since Years. =)


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Unfortunately, the developer of XXClone has passed away and newer versions of the program are time-limited. That means that newer versions of the program have stopped working and this website will be a big help in finding a replacement for XXClone. I'm only giving XXClone 3 stars because it's time limited.


Wiped Out

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Usually I don't post comments related to software. Unless it has catastrophic consequences.

I've been using it for years on a XP machine and worked flawlessly. Used only once (ver2.07.2) on a new Win7 64 bit last year and did the job alright.
When tried again ( April 2016 ) I ran into a forced update message and downloaded ver 2.08.1.

What happened next is deeply concerning. Tremendous hard-drive thrashing noise on install, wiped out ( never to be found again in Bin on anywhere else ) 90% of installed .exe files , associated files and folders in Program Files, at least one more in Program Files(86) .

Hopefully I had a backup and managed to restore them. Not sure what caused it but on a quick search I stumbled upon similar comments on CNet. Either it's a new Windows protection against cloning or just buggy software, so far no warning or fix on XXClone's website.

This comment concerns only ver 2.08.1.


Good Cloning software

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I have used XXClone & it is a good cloning software.
I cloned my C: drive with WIndows 8.1 on it to another empty partition F: drive on the same hard disk (~45 minutes depending on the size of the C: partition)
Then I ran the Make drive bootable from XXclone, & I suppose it did NOT work.
So I manually opened cmd as Administrator & type the following commands one by one:

a. bcdboot.exe F:\Windows - here the F: drive is the target drive for the clone.
b. bcdboot.exe F:\Windows /s F:

Running both the above commands made my F: drive Windows bootable & thus I had two bootable copies of the same OS in a DUAL BOOT configuration on the same laptop.

Good FREE alternative to CASPER software.