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A very nice app but it is Shareware, that is to say that before loading appears an ugly nagscreen, to buy the full version that we can only remove by clicking on continue with the free version. This in the Windows startup is quite annoying


Excellent software!

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There isn't much to say- xWidget rules!

It is both, funny and cynical, when cool and harmless software is labled "possibly unsafe" while bloated apps from big companies get a perfect test score. You know what's wrong here? The person behind it is not a big company. OK, there's obviously more to it but you get the idea.

I support open source and dislike bloated installers. I spit on software with shady intallers... if I didn't know better:

  • the installer for xWidget is safe and compared to all those shady installers that load shit you don't want without you knowing it's actually decent. There is absolutely no way you'd install something you don't want here. It is not the kind of installer that makes a "No" stand for a "Yes".

  • xWidget is made by one small studio and maintained by a single guy if I am not mistaken. Check out deviantArt. He adds new widgets (almost) daily. That guy is really into it and it seems like the hard work paid off- the app now has its own category on deviantArt.

It is better than Rainmeter in some respects. But I want to refrain from comapring it to Rainmeter because I think it is a different type of software. xWidget is the perfect widget companion for Android/Windows and complements any Rainmeter setup.

It looks damn sweet!
I had a Sci-Fi setup before this "THING" that I can't or won't show whole because I don't feel like resizing the pic at the time of writing this. Here, a screen.(Eye Protective Gear Recommended):

All of this actually moves... my device doesn't feel a thing. It is light on res and runs smoothly!

Give it a try!