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so much faster and still does the job

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I had been using winamp for quite a while and to play any types of music this player is simply the fastest!


hands down the best MOD playback.

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If you listen to any form of tracker music you should check out XMPlay. It handles most well and has good plugins for formats it dose not natively support. Foobar2000 is still my player of choice for most music but when it comes to MOD and IT files I hop on over to XMPlay.


I personally use a Module Plugin for foobar.
But I still love this player

These days i mostly use the DUMB module decoder plugin for foobar as well. although if im looking for more accurate sound replication and watching the tracker display in real time i still tend to fire up XMPlay as I have yet to find a tracker display for the columns ui in foobar and the DUMB module decoder dose not replicate the reverb as well as XMPlay

In foobar It sounds better for me in some tracks. But on XMPlay it sounds horrid. However those tracks are .mod

There is the music if you want to see for yourself

hum looks like the Module Plugin in foobar has improved quite a bit from what it used to be. I can hardly tell the difference between the two. I think the foobar has a slightly higher sample rate and the interpolation defaults to cubic now. for a while XMPlay was significantly better but now it's pretty much a tie.and it's just more easier to use foobar.

oh my found one that sound worse in foobar http://lite.modarchive.org/index.php?request=view_by_moduleid&query=58683 every so suttle diffene in the sounds of the notes.

It's all about default settings probably, as amiga mod is pretty simple format, and i doubt Foobar's replay engine is better, just like trekeyus said, it has probably disabled/enabled interpolation or/and resampling, but if you like to listen to amiga modules the way they sounded originally on the real hardware, you would want to turn all the extra refinements off. Also, for Foobar, and pretty much any other player, the libopenmpt library is one of the best and most accurate, handling many module formats. Basically the libopenmpt and BASS are both top tier choices.

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Lightweight! I was looking for smth easy on the CPU. Most of similar players use up to 5%. XMPlay uses 1% and less. I wonder how the coders achieved it. I use it mostly for the online radio streaming, but it has dozens of plugins for most of the audio formats. The default skin is pretty ugly though. But I use the Winamp-like skin (WA Classic2). A pretty cool player.

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XMPlay is a really lightweight media player. I was looking for smth that would use least of the CPU resources. Most of the similar players take up to 5%. XMPlay needs 1% and less. Dunno how programmers achieved it. I use XMPlay mainly for the online radio stream, but it has dozens of plugins to play most audio formats. But the default skin is pretty ugly, so I use the Winamp theme/skin. Thanks!

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The basic download is extremely small, and you add the extra support you need.
It runs as a standalone so you can keep it on your USB stick with your music.
Many Winamp plugins are supported.