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Stable, light-weight desktop environment -- but one amongst several

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XFCE is a lightweight desktop environment for Linux and BSD. It requires few system resources and therefore runs faster on older/slower computers than do some other desktop environments, such as KDE Plasma. It is not as light as LXDE. XFCE is moderately configurable, but is also a little older in its appearance than other GTK-based desktops, including Gnome and Budgie. However, it is mature, stable and well supported. It can be installed on any Linux distro in addition to whatever desktop is already available by default. However, XFCE is the default desktop environment of Xubuntu and Manjaro, amongst others.

I would recommend you use XFCE if you have an older computer struggling to run KDE Plasma, Budgie, Deepin or Gnome. However, XFCE's cousin, the MATE desktop environment has a similar layout and philosophy whilst being a little bit more configurable.


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Lightweight, quite appealing, simple, intuitive, stable, and keep you focused on what you are doing.


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Been using it sporadically for the last 6 years. It is lightweight performs amazingly and when I started trying other Desktop Environments it was instant regret!!!


Best Desktop for GNU/Linux and BSD

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It's light-weight, fast, amazingly stable, feature-rich and beautiful. What more do you want?


Add a simple dock like "Plank", use Greenbird/Bluebird as the application theme, use ElementaryOS/Numix icon themes, and you're good to go.

How about /configurable/?
The settings dialogs look like jokes. Like 0.1 software that’s in early alpha and just got the bare minimum running.
It may be that that is the deliberate goal of Xfce… to appeal to those who can’t handle making their own choices in life because they’re too afraid … but then Xfc is just Gnome (translation: ”bad”).