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XBMC Remote was kind of annoying to set up. First, you need to activate the option "Allow XBMC to be controlled via HTTP" in XBMC on your desktop computer. The option is located in the Network section of Settings. And if you use Windows, you then need to manually add your computer to XBMC Remote by entering the IP address of your computer.

To find your IP address, open up the Command Prompt on Windows and type "ipconfig". A whole bunch of crap will show up. Your IP address is the "IPv4 address". It will probably look something like this: "" or ""

But once you get everything set up, the remote itself actually looks pretty slick, and it does everything you might ask of it. This is probably the best remote control for XBMC- it looks good, it's got plenty of features, and despite all that IP address and HTTP junk, it's actually not that hard to get it running on your first try. My only problem with this app is that it can't save custom button configuration. When you move around buttons or add a button to the remote's taskbar, the changes are wiped the next time you restart the app. Lame.