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Xara Xtreme for Linux Reviews


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I found this to be a VERY powerful program. Until now I have been using Inkscape for all my vector graphic work, but I will be using Xara Xtreme from now on, here's why..

Most customers expect you to send them a logo or graphic in .PDF or .AI format, these are the file formats that were dubbed to be industry standard by Adobe's popular (and expensive) Illustrator program. Xara Xtreme allows you to export in BOTH of those formats, along with many other great formats. Xara Xtreme is also VERY good at conserving memory, this was my #1 gripe with Inkscape. It also appears that Xara Xtreme supports SVG animation? I admit that I have not looked into this very much because I currently use flash for all my animations, but this WILL be important because eventually SVG animations will inevitably replace flash via HTML5 and CSS3.

Key Highlights:

  • Exports to industry-standard formats, including .AI, .PDF (customers really like this!)
  • Supports CMYK color profile!!
  • Many great effects which can be re-edited later even after stacking more effects on top of them!
  • Appears to support SVG animation!?

The bottom line is that this program is perfect for all your vector graphic needs! You should definitely give it a try if you are looking for a professional open source alternative to Illustrator



Last update is from november 2007

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so no real alternative. would have been nice if this project was still alive.