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Really awesome application that allows you to use the portability and security of SSH, but also enjoy the UI of whatever desktop you have installed. I use this all the time to connect back to my desktop at home that only allows key based authentication, so I can feel comfortable it is secure and usable!

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also, forgot to mention. I have used this to remote back to my desktop so I can give presentations to people at conferences. So, all I do is use my laptop as a jump host to get back to my powerful desktop back at home can do live demos over my phone mobile hotspot.


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The encryption is too weak:

  • only DES , 3DES AES-CTR
  • with HMAC SHA1 (only!).
  • no ed25519

Must be tunneled (with SSH) first if you want it to be secure.


Could you share which version you reviewed? X2Go uses OpenSSH X11-Forwarding to connect, which can be encrypted with AES SHA2.