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LimeLM is not worth it, no protection, lots of bugs

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From http://discuss.bootstrapped.fm/t/looking-for-replacement-for-software-passport-armadillo/ quote:

You made me to look into this LimeLM. And what do we find on their own offical forums? A long list of bugs that's for sure:

Windows 10 Anniversary Update breaks all Lime activations

That must be good for all of LimeLM customers users :sleepy:

Customers can't connect to verify the license (Australia / New Zealand)

They must be happy too :), but I guess USA is the only country in the world worth support.

Virtual Machine Error (TA_E_IN_VM, VirtualMachineException, Window 10, Hyper-V)

Problems on Windows 10?

URGENT: IsGenuine returns InternetError

So you got DDoSed frequently? That must be also good for the entire operation working :wink:

limelm dashboard not working

Who cares, right?

TurboActivate 3.4.7 on Linux Static - new dependency?

Doesn't work on Linux?

So lets bring all those features of LimeLM into one nice picture:

  • it doesn't protect anything from cracking - it's just a licensing solution
  • it's not compatible with latest Windows 10 operating system
  • it's buggy as hell from the forum entries
  • its network is DDoSed on a regular basis and the entire thing is down for EVERYONE
  • poor SDK, it doesn't even support Delphi

So mr. Wyatt - you're good at one thing. Selling bullsh*t.