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R.I.P. Wunderlist

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With Microsoft introducing their "To-Do" application, built by the Wunderlist team, they will soon retire their app much like the demise of Sunrise. I would suggest you all begin your transition to alternative task management applications. So far, the new application is missing many of the functions of Wunderlist. There are no subtasks, collaboration, or file attachments. This is detrimental to the team. I can only assume this is because of their integration into other Microsoft applications. At any rate, you all better find a life boat, because this ship, though always assumed since their buyout, is officially sinking Titanic style.

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It is true that "To-Do" from MS is missing much of the great features in Wunderlist, however, most (if not all) are listed in the feature request page and hopefully they will implement them into "To-Do" before retiring Wunderlist. This would make the transition seamless with the already built-in import in "To-Do". So although it is sinking, I would still stay until last minute, and in the meantime, check/test the alternatives (which I still have not found one as good as Wunderlist).

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My favourite tasks app. Really disappointed that it was bought by Microsoft and is morphing into Microsoft To Do, because Microsoft To Do at this time (Jan 2018) really lacks all the features of Wunderlist.

I don't understand why companies buy other companies and destroy the very product they paid for.

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Wunderlist firefox addon is incompatible with the version 57+ of the browser.
Anyway the service is about to close, so it is urgent to find a another one to replace it

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very useful but also slow and cpu consuming


Great App...until my data was lost

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I was loving and recommending Wunderlist to my friends and clients. Had a big project yesterday and put it all up on Wunderlist only to find the list as deleted. And then when I went to delete the list from the web side it was there, could be restored, but had none of the items I spend ALL DAY YESTERDAY adding to the list. I loved this app, now I'm here on alternativeTo looking for an alternative to Wunderlist.

PS Luckily I'm the kind of organized person that I printed a backup yesterday when I did notice here and there small insignificant information seems to be slipping out of the app. I just figured it would be restored when it synced... bummer!


Thanks for this. This same thing happened to me in Wunderlist some years ago as I had just "switched" to it as my reliable system. I left it in a hurry, but just now was contemplating a move back. Your recent review has reminded me of why I left and evidently it's still not as reliable as it should be. So I won't waste my time considering Wunderlist further. Thank you.

Wunderlist: Best Free To-Do App But Needs Better Integration

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I have to say that Wunderlist is my favorite free Todo App. It is cross-platform and you can use it on whichever browser and mobile device that you want. This multi-platform functionality is main reason that I found this app to be so useful.

In a direct compitition of the free versions of Wunderlist vs Todoist, Wunderlist wins hands down. However, if you include Todoists upgraded features and the integrations it has with Mailbird. CloudMagic, and Evernote, then Todoist wins hands down. Wunderlist is great but needs to improve if it wants to cement itself as the front runnner for todo apps.

Both Todoist and Wunderlist have similar extensions with Chrome that are extremely functional and usable. They both have Gmail extensions which allow you to make tasks and lists directly from your gmail. And, most importantly, both Wunderlist and Todoist have exceptional functionality when it comes to working with Trello. Sadly, Wunderlist fails when put to the biggest test; The App cannot make lists with .CSV and comma delimited data.

For those like me, having a hard time deciding and integrating the todo lists in their lives...


You can use this site to import and export information among several of the biggest productivity apps, such as Asana, Todoist, Evernote, Wunderlist and others.


Great for lists

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I've tried to replace Wunderlist with lists in Evernote, but I failed. Wunderlist is much better for this simple one task.



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consistent lag on the web. ive switched.

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The best to-do app

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One of the reasons I recommend Wunderlist to my friends is the fact that it's compatible with every major operating system. And it gives you the ability to manage your to-do list from anywhere.

While I can only speak for the Mac and Android versions, the app is a treat to use. Tasks can be dragged and dropped with ease. The interface is positively uncluttered. Ticking off tasks feels so satisfying.

The online sync is the best feature. Syncing works painlessly in the background, and unlike some applications (I'm looking at you, Evernote) it doesn't put up a fuss if your internet is temporarily down.

There are a few more features it needs, such as the ability to sub-divide tasks. I hope they implement this soon.

I tried many others, including Producteev, SimpleTask and iProcrastinate. Wunderlist is the one for me. And it's free!


Not really its been stopped on Windows PHONE

Wunderlist seems to be great. But why do you like it more than Producteev? Are you talking only about free versions or also paid ones?

Anyway to keep it simple and have everything in a nutshell I created a table to compare both of those products.


Wunderlist seems to be great. But why do you like it more than Producteev? Are you talking only about free versions or also paid ones?

Anyway to keep it simple and have everything in a nutshell I created a table to compare both of those products.

Eh, Wunderlist is not worth the paid version. Not to mention there support is quite crappy. I kept getting e-mail activation links but each time I would follow up on this links even no more then 10 sec before I got the link and I clicked it, it would always give me and error and fail to verify my e-mail. Moving on. Wunderlist just recently added upload features, and yet its paid, which is quite a waste. Not to mention there backgrounds are also for Pro users, which is again a waste. I personally enjoy Evernote on my Windows Phone 7.5, BlackBerry and iOS devices. Since unlike Wunderlist who actually dropped Windows Phone support Evernote still updates from time to time.

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The user interface for Wunderlist is very pretty, yet it's still simple enough so that you can get stuff done. Overall, I like it.

However, one thing I noticed was that the Wunderlist app for the iPhone is surprisingly memory-intensive. It takes up an average of 15 to 25 MB of RAM at any time. The iPhone 3GS usually has around 80 MB of RAM available at any time, and the iPhone 4 has twice that amount, so this won't really be a problem. But Wunderlist still takes up way more memory than you would expect from a to-do list.


I suppose this is a follow-up review. Since the last time I tried it, Wunderlist has basically expanded into a million different platforms. Right now, I have Wunderlist running on my iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows PC, and even from my web browser. And of course, it's all free. Wunderlist isn't very feature-intensive, but if you just need a simple checklist, Wunderlist makes it all incredibly accessible.

Beautiful app!

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It is great solution for those who is trying to increase their productivity! I used it for almost a month and I cannot be more happy about the impact of this app on my productivity! Great job.