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Host your own Wunderlist Clone? Popular Self-Hosted Alternatives to Wunderlist. Explore 21 installable apps like Wunderlist, for the DIY guys.

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Alternatives to Wunderlist for Self-hosting with any license

  • Wekan

    Wekan, formerly LibreBoard, is an open-source and collaborative Trello -like kanban board application. Whether you’re maintaining a personal todo list, planning your holidays with some friends, or working in a team on your next revolutionary idea, Kanban boards are an unbeatable tool to keep your things organized.

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  • Paperwork

    OpenSource note-taking & archiving Paperwork is an open-source, self-hosted alternative to services like Evernote , Microsoft OneNote or Google Keep . This branch contains the second iteration of Paperwork, which is a complete rewrite. Not only is it based on another framework - it is based on a completely different technology stack. It is in its very early development phase and not yet usable.

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  • ToDoList

    A simple but effective way to keep on top of your tasks, 10 languages. ToDoList is a rare form of task management tool, one that allows you to repeatedly sub-divide your tasks into more manageable pieces whilst still presenting a clean and intuitive user experience. ToDoList has been in continuous development for the last 6 years and is an ongoing project. Your tasklists are stored in XML which provides many opportunities for advanced formatting and printing using stylesheets.

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  • Kanban Tool

    Kanban Tool is a leading visual management software based on Kanban method, that helps companies visualize workflow, track project progress and analyze and significantly improve business processes. Kanban Tool provides powerful online Kanban boards, insightful metrics and built-in time tracking. This Kanban software was designed for Scrum and Kanban teams that want to significantly improve performance and visualize work on Kanban board.

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  • TaskBoard

    A Kanban-inspired app for keeping track of things that need to get done. The goal of TaskBoard is to provide a simple and clean interface to a functional and minimal application for keeping track of tasks. It's not trying to be the next Trello or LeanKit. What TaskBoard does is make it easy to start keeping track of anything you need to get done. The visual aspect of a board allows for easy status checks, and can be motivating for users who want to move their tasks to the next column.

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  • fluxday

    Opensource task & productivity management tool for startups, engineered based on the concepts of OKR. In fluxday, you can start by creating the departments of your organization and adding the teams in each department. Add users to each team and assign team leads. Each user in fluxday has an OKR that is created for a particular duration. Tasks are created by leads, aligned to an OKR and assigned to team members.

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  • Taskulu

    Taskulu is an online management and collaboration platform that takes the pain out of managing large teams and projects by allowing you to manage every resource under one roof and preventing resource fragmentation! Keep all the people involved with the project, tasks, chats, files and time logs in one project while keeping things under control using Roles and Permissions.

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  • myTinyTodo

    Simple way to manage your todo list in AJAX style. Written in PHP and jQuery. Data stored in SQLite or MySQL database. Distributed under the GNU GPL License. Features Multiple lists Task notes Tags (and tag cloud) Due dates (input format: y-m-d, m/d/y, d.m.y, m/d, d.

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  • todoMini

    Online TODO list. As a web app it works great on a mobile phone or tablet once you add it to your homescreen. Minimal, open source, fully hosted, with the option for self-hosting. * Web based. * Easy to install. * Self-hosted & open source. * Allows multiple people to update a list. * Mobile friendly - "Add to Home Screen" webapp. * Simple text based format for easy editing. * Simple PHP backend with no database: just upload the files and go.

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  • Notepad Checklist

    A checklist made by, easy short and fun to use.

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  • Comidor

    Comidor is a smart software solution that connects all major business functions in an interdependent way. It facilitates the creation of an open collaborative environment by engaging people and teams, expediting information flow, providing all the tools to monitor each process and improve the final outcome. Comidor’s user-friendly interface and high-end technology interrelates various business applications and helps you optimize your business and saves time from its first day of use.

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  • Hexnode Projects

    An Online Project Management Software, that helps you manage and monitor your projects. Divide the projects to Milestones, Milestones to tasks, Tasks to Subtasks. Delegate this to your users and monitor the progress.

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  • tdo

    tdo is an extensible, open-source todo list app with a keyboard driven focus. FEATURES - Can be used entirely with a keyboard with familiar VIM-like controls - Markdown powered editing - Use hashtags for categories, priorities, etc - CSS hackability: write functions to assign classes to tasks and CSS rules - Gist storage - Can work with a large number of tasks

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  • YourList

    YourList is an on line list application with a Linux client in the making. It features creating lists, nicknaming lists, sharing lists, importing lists, exporting lists, flushing lists and a modern-looking interface. It is free and open-source software, and if you don't mind reading a lot you can deploy it yourself. Because of the seperation between frontend and backend, you may even be able to develop your own application around it. Developed by TooMuchRAM.

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  • Nullboard

    Nullboard is a light minimalist kanban, specifically designed to be compact, readable and quick in use. All data is stored locally. The app itself can be used in a completely offline fashion, by simply opening a local copy of it in a browser.

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  • GitScrum

    GitScrum collaborates to overcome the objectives with the implementation of the management model based on meritocracy, the tool transforms the project into a game and allows to measure in a transparent way the individual and team achievements. The manager can reward who has the best results.

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  • Actionspace

    Fully customizable enterprise task, project and workflow management software solutions natively integrated with Office 365 and SharePoint. Actionspace provides executives, managers and their teams with a simple way to manage teamwork, track progress and get full visibility in daily work. Actionspace offers fully featured plans with unlimited users for attractive price. Use a pricing calculator at to find out the price for suitable package.

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  • MonoCorpus

    Take notes, share them, learn and work faster. MonoCorpus helps teams keep track of code and notes during the development of software and machine learning algorithms. FEATURES - Full Text Search - Chronological ordering of notes - Title Filters - import Arxiv abstracts - KaTeX support - Markdown support

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  • jiPANEL

    jiPanel is a collaborative task management portal designed for people who value time and for the companies that value cross-company engagement. Our objective is to thrive organizations by enabling all teams to work together effortlessly. We wish to build a place where everything from the most minute details to the big picture, is organized.

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