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The software should be reported as an adware! it shows pop ups on desktop without even informing the user in terms of use or while installing the program!

Without this problem, I would definitely give it 5 stars for its perfect functionality, intuitive design and modern interface. but unfortunately they ruined it all by the ads thing.


Too much intrusive ads

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I wouldn't mid of some banner in app, but several pop ups and long nags screens every day, even when not using apps is very annoying.

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WPS Office 2014, Version

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As of this writing, WPS Office is now a freemium product, downloaded as a monthly trial with features that are disabled after 30 days. The version listed above is the last truly free release, which can still be found on many sites, but no longer available on the official WPS website. The older version allows you to export as a PDF and will print documents without a watermark. It has the newer (optional) ribbon interface, is lightening fast, and is the alternative most compatible with Microsoft documents.


thank you very much, since nothing evolved in file formats this version still working flawless and deleting auto updater after installation also important. currently they became adware so i switched back to this version

Windows 10 has inbuilt PDF printer

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Overall: WPS office is pretty comprehensive in functions and is fairly cheap with quite rich templates, the only downside is its intrusiveness and limitation on language and decoding support

  • great templates
  • great UI


  • intrusive ads in free version
  • support only a limited number of languages

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Barely free anymore.

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In the most recent version of the WPS "free" version there is an incredibly disappointing catch: After 30 days of use (when the Business edition trial runs out) all printed documents and those made into PDF's have a watermark on the bottom. I used to love the free version of this software but I find this change to be unacceptable for a free edition. If I was going to pay money for the full version, I would have; but I didn't and this underhanded hindrance isn't going to change my mind. Quite the opposite. If you only want people to buy your software, don't offer a free version that is barely usable. You're just going to piss your users off. It in fact compelled me to write this review to warn others looking for free office software. Way to drop the ball Kingsoft.


Not for PC, useless

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I've used this app on android and was satisfied with it, but I'm currently uninstalling this on PC.
This is literally useless, I just wanted to make a simple spreadsheet, 3 columns, few lines, thats all.
It inserts accents that I didn't type, sometimtes messes up randomly the accented characters in my language, randomly changes font type back to Times, no matter what I do AND it show the accented characters in some other font type.
While I literally can't create a simple spreadsheet with it, it has cloud support, online templates and premium features, what I really don't care for.

And they want me to pay for the premium?

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Free version displays nag ads without warning even if WPS is not running.
Commercial versions are not cheap ... compared to other Office alternatives
Premium is $30 usd / yr ... 1 PC ... no outright purchase
PRO $80 usd outright ... 1 PC ... no subscription
The SaveAs window is sooo ugly, defaults to Libraries very time, does not remember last folder
... SaveAs window cannot be resized, on laptop occupies 75% of monitor ... v.ugly
After uninstalling WPS still pops up when creating a PDF file with Free Softmaker.

Free WPS has to phone home to show ads, so it can be blocked ... ;)
What kills WPS stone dead for me is the dreadful SaveAs window, designed by a neanderthal.


I used to get this all the time, but newer versions haven't been giving me nag ads or popups, on Windows 10 or Linux...

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The lack of two windows mode is very annoying. Though it seems to have far better compatibility with MS office than Libre does.

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Free and works with all my Microsoft office files


Disappointing "updates"

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This used to be the best alternative to MS Office. Now, with the limitations in the update, there's little reason to mess with it. Freeoffice is now the better bet for MS compatibility and a more complete feature set with less bloat.

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Great Application!

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I used to have to hack Office like 30% of PC users, now I have a real legal alternative I didn't have to give a kidney for - or feel like a thief!

Oh, and it works. Really. And the interface isn't pooh like OpenOffice or libreOffice. It opens all office documents better then Google Docs, or any other alternative, too.

finally, I even have the android version on my phone and it rocks, too.


A very good alternative.

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I tried openoffice and abi word on my netbook and I had difficulities with both programs. Libreoffice would have been a good alternative but it didn't want to for some reason and I didn;t have the time to figure out why.

I definately like Kingsoft Office suite. It is very similiar to MS Office and takes up less space, which is a bonus for my netbook hard drive.

A linux version of this program would be great. I like LibreOffice on my Ubuntu but I would like to install kingsoft office on it as well if I ever need to change.


Freeware, excellent can open & edit all MS formats

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This is NOT Bait and switch (most if not all software you download is bigger when you unpack/install it than the download size. This is to keep download times to a minimum. Files are compressed - often in .zip format, then uncompress when installed - duh)
Many very attractive templates are available, also for free.
Unlike Open Office, it only has 3 modules - Word Processor, Spreadsheet and Presentation (Word, Excel and PowerPoint emulation).


Linux version

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A Linux version of this office suite would be very appreciated.


That would be rocking!